Sunday, April 5, 2015

Meet DoMoJOAT, Artist, Musician, and Performer

DoMoJOAT, short for DoMo The Jack of All Trades, is an amazing artist/performer from Brooklyn, NY. He dances, plays the steel pan and piano, arranges music, writes poetry, write songs, sings, and raps. What can't he do?

He used to perform with his backing music on cds or mp3s, playing digital tracks. Then he realized that the live sound always sounds better during a performance, and in time he formed his own band. They call themselves "Andefekt" (And-Effect). They have performed all over NY, and DoMoJOAT himself has performed all over the country. He and the band are seeking and working to expand.

Learn more about DoMoJOAT and Andefekt on Instagram, Tumblr, Twitter, and YouTube.

1. How did you first get started making music as a young man?

My first introduction to music was when I was in 6th grade and I learned to play the steel pan. I then started to write music in high school. I started with writing reggae music, then in college I started writing more hip-hop.

2. When you're composing music, what's your process like? Does the rhythm usually come to you first, or the words, or...?

When I'm composing music, the rhythm usually comes to me first. It's more of a feeling and mood that I get, and I express it through the music. The words usually come after.

3. Would you tell us a bit about Andefekt and the music that you create and perform with the band?

Andefekt consists of five members. DoMoJOAT lead vocalist and steel pan player, Jovii Linkz Lead Guitarist, Ryu Drummer/Keyboardist, Jabbsz Drummer, K9 Keyboardist. We're all from Brooklyn, NY. The music the band plays is DoMo's (my) original music, also some cover songs as well. We're in the process of creating new material as a band.

4. What are some of the key differences between digital/recorded sound and live music?

Key differences are freedom for the artist. When playing with a band, the artist has more freedom to do more and add more theatrics to their performance versus an artist performing to a CD that's just playing the track that was produced, mixed, and mastered. When playing the music live, it's a natural feeling that the artist knows they're creating for their audience which is a great experience.

5. Looking ahead into 2015, what do you see yourself doing over the course of the year?

I see myself creating some new videos for the year, touring with the band, working on either another mixtape or album, and always keeping working and never quitting.

Thanks, DoMo!

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