Saturday, April 4, 2015

Meet Joe Orsak, Director of Marketing with Improve My Credit USA

Joe Orsak is Director of Marketing with Improve My Credit USA, the consumer-voted number one credit repair company in America, the consumer-voted number one credit repair company in Texas for four years running, and winner of the Houston award for excellence in customer service and marketing for three years running.

Joe provided answers to my interview questions in the form of a YouTube video, and you can also see the answers transcribed below.

1. What are a few reasons why someone would need to repair their credit?

Ya know, most often people discover that they need credit repair because they have been told "no" by somebody--because of a home loan, car loan, or maybe even a job promotion--and people find themselves in that situation of numerous reasons. Identity theft is huge: at least one in eight Americans will experience it. And sometimes it's just because of a financial strain of a situation--medical, divorce, that type of thing. In all of those situations, we always recommend speaking to a credit expert.

2. What are the major benefits of working with a credit repair company rather than doing it on your own?

Ya know, that's a good question. We often are asked that. And in fact, you can work on your own credit. We even have a great ebook on our website (, for free, that tells you how to do it. But, there's an old saying that goes, "You don't know what you don't know." Ya see, there's a little over three hundred laws that govern how the credit bureaus and creditors are required to report information on your credit. And if you're not familiar with those rules, then you just don't know what questions to ask when you're asking them to verify information as accurate on your credit report. So it makes it really challenging to move forward. Always work with a credit expert.

3. What are some of the misconceptions that people tend to have when it comes to credit?

Common misconceptions--wow, yes, all the time! In fact, there's a lot about credit that is counterintuitive. You do something that you think is what is going to help your credit, but in fact you could hurt your credit. For instance, dealing with collections. Older collections: when somebody decides that they want to deal with an older collections, and improve their score and they pay that collection, in fact it could cause a great deal of damage to your credit. There's tons of examples, and we just don't have enough video time of give them all, but yes, there's a lot that is counterintuitive that doesn't makes sense about how credit repair works.

4. Your company is based in Houston, but you help people all over the US. What is your most effective way to do this?

Ya know, we have a great office, and you can come visit us any time you want; we'd be happy to see you! But 99% of our business is done over the phone and through email. Once you become a client, we also have an online portal for you where you can monitor your progress 24/7. And if you ever have a question, you can go to our website and engage us through the chat support, or just pick up the phone; we'd be happy to talk to you.

5. Can you share some everyday tips that people can use to avoid running into difficulties with credit in the first place?

Credit tips--absolutely. In fact, we have a website called where I record all kind of videos and answer questions on the subject, but let me give you one right now. How you use your credit cards is critical in maintaining positive credit. So never carry a balance over 30%. You'll always wanna keep that balance low because it makes up 30% of your credit score. Thirty and thirty, easy to remember.

So we hope you found those answers helpful. And if you think you might have some credit issues, simply fill out the form on this page and we will give you a shout. We look forward to taking care of you.

Improve My Credit USA

Thanks, Joe!

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