Sunday, April 5, 2015

Meet Mark Merriman of The Nerds Blog

Mark Merriman describes himself as a life long nerd. He's 22 and just moved from Australia to Los Angeles. Mark runs a new blog called The Nerds Blog. It's a straight-to-the-point sort of blog, with a light-hearted feel and a strong sense of personality behind it.

1. What's your own definition of what it means to be a nerd?

Being a nerd is something that was once looked down upon. The words "nerd" and "geek" have been used as insults, and it's something I just don't understand?! Who created the iPhone you use every day? Who created Facebook? Who developed Call of Duty and all your favorite games? A bunch of nerds and geeks who said "NO!" to the social norms and continued on with their passions. My definition of a nerd is someone who dedicates time to a certain passion without caring about the "social consequences."

2. What are some of your favorite ways of nerding out?

Turn the lights low, close over the curtains, open up my computer, and spend the next four hours immersing myself in the fantasy world of my choice! Today I might raid villages as an Orc in World Of Warcraft--will I see you on the battlefield? :)

3. Why did you decide to start The Nerds Blog?

I wanted to create a streamlined, clean-looking website with RELEVANT geeky topics! Want to see where to get a portable SNES? Look no further!

4. What are some topics you hope to cover on the blog in the weeks and months to come?

Our articles range from the best Animes, latest video game news, cool gadgets that you need in your arsenal, and science that is explained in a way that our average reader can understand!

5. On a personal note, what's it been like moving from Australia to Los Angeles?

Los Angeles is a massive change from Brisbane, Australia. With the same amount of people as half of Australia's population in this one city, it's crazy how much is happening! If you want to make something of yourself, LA is the place to be! Also, the coffee here is semi-decent ;)

Thanks, Mark!

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