Friday, April 24, 2015

Free Downloads of Instant Trivia Books This Weekend

Is it possible that it's already been over two years since I first learned about Tanya Slover's Instant Series of trivia books? It seems impossible, honestly, but I guess time really does fly by. ANYWAY, the point of this post isn't to reminisce but to point out that Tanya is doing some giveaways with two of the three books in her Instant Series trilogy this weekend on Amazon.

On Saturday, April 25, you can download The Instant Genius for free. Then on Sunday, April 26, you can download The Instant Voyeur for free. If you want to get the third book in the trilogy, The Instant Celebrity, you can buy it for just $2.99 or wait to see if Tanya decides to do another giveaway sometime in the future.

The Instant Genius has been a very popular book for Tanya and has over 50 reviews on Amazon. The book contains a compilation of interesting and unusual facts which are meant to keep readers entertained. The Instant Voyeur focuses on sex, romance, love, scandal, and more.

Tanya is a fun writer who loves to share information with readers. And you can't get a better deal than free, so check out two of her books this weekend.

Feel free to follow up in the comments of this blog post to let me know what you think of the books after you download them!

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