Saturday, April 25, 2015

Introducing YouQuest, An App for Self-Discovery

I always like hearing about brand-new apps, and here's one that's just been released. It's called YouQuest, and it was created by a company called 500 BC. In fact, when I clicked on the 500 BC site, I was greeted by a line which read, "Update your life, not your status," and I have to admit that this caught my interest!

The idea of the YouQuest app is that it is a game of self-discovery. As you use the app, you explore history and imagine your own ancient past. The app incorporates timeless wisdom from ancestors like Buddha. The app gives you a two-fold journey: discovering the past, and discovering yourself.

When we think about smartphones, the first thing we think of isn't generally inner wisdom or self-discovery, is it? YouQuest wants you to start using your phone for different purposes, rather than always skimming the surface of our usual activities of instant messaging, looking at viral videos, and so on.

YouQuest utilizes an algorithm and starts by guiding the user, over time, through a series of quizzes and offering targeted wisdom based on the user's responses.

The app was inspired by 500 BC's founder, Carol Phelan-Marsh, reflecting on her daughter's experience surviving cancer. She said, "My daughter survived bone cancer, and had to dig deep to do it (we all did). We used every tool, ancient and modern, to help her successfully battle osteosarcoma. I swore if she came through this that I'd launch a product to help others find their inner warriors."

You can download the app via iTunes and Google Play.

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