Sunday, February 22, 2015

Meet Sultan Moni, Entrepreneur and CEO of Central Dominion

Sultan Moni is a Toronto-based entrepreneur, investor, start-up consultant, and public speaker. Starting at a very young age, Sultan launched number of ventures in various industries. He is currently the CEO and founder of Central Dominion, a company that works with entrepreneurs and helps them materialize their goals by providing the resources they need to launch their business.

1. As a teenager (and younger!), what motivated you to start your own business projects?

I grew up in a business family, so I always had that business environment around me. But what got me started at a young age was my parents' denial of letting me do things I want to do. I had expensive dreams; I wanted to help the poor, change the world, just like any normal kid. And whenever I tried reaching out for those, money became a problem, so I started studying rich people and figured out all the top rich people in the world are either business owners or investors. That's what got me started in this entrepreneurial journey.

2. How did you learn to be successful as an entrepreneur, and how much of what you learned was self-taught?

Business was always in me; my dad is a successful businessman. I used to help him with his work once in a while, and that taught me the basics. Other than that, most of it was self-taught. I just jumped in without much knowledge, and learned the most of it while managing a business. Experience is the best knowledge. I guess when you're hungry for success, you just find your way out.

3. You have a very unique way of handling your business. You tend to be friends with your clients rather than just making it a business deal. Why is that?

I am a relationship-oriented manager. Let's say you want to buy a new laptop; now if your friend or family member owns a laptop store, you would most likely purchase it from there. Because you know the seller personally, you trust the seller and know you won't get ripped off. That's why I don't look at my clients as just another business deal; I look at them as friends. That way they feel secure, and I gain their trust.

4. What's your best advice to someone who has never started a business before, wants to get started, but maybe feels a bit apprehensive?

Get rid off all the absurdity you have in your head as to why you can't succeed. There will always be drawbacks and weakness in every step. It's good to figure out the drawbacks, but don't let that demotivate you or be the reason why you never started. Turn your setbacks to your comebacks.

5. What are your plans for Central Dominion in 2015?

Our main focus this year is to make starting a business easy as ordering a pizza. We are developing an interactive platform, which will allow entrepreneurs to launch their business by just clicking a few buttons on their keyboard without stepping out of their home. We are trying to introduce the "ordering the pizza" concept to this. The clients choose the package or customize their own package based on what they need and we deliver it right to their doorstep hot and ready just like pizza. Also, it's affordable. We partnered up with some pioneers in the industry to provide our clients a paramount service for an affordable price.

Thanks, Sultan!

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