Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Meet Anakiz, Artist, Craftsperson, and Etsy Seller

With her two friends Zeynep and Meltem, Anakiz runs the Etsy shop Nakkashe. They make and sell a variety of crochet jewelry and accessories for ladies. The Etsy shop allows them to make money while doing what they love. Anakiz and her friends live in Turkey.

1. How did you decide to start an Etsy shop?

Four or five years ago, I resigned from my day job. It was very stressful, and I was working late hours. Then we moved to another city where my husband's family live (Mersin). Being alone in a new city pushed me to do something. In the past, I had always earned my own money, and just being a housewife did not make me happy. I took sewing and needle lace classes and developed my crocheting skills. Then I started to design and make crocheted jewelry. While searching the internet to find out "handmade" bazaars, I found Etsy and opened a shop, with limited items at first.

2. How do you choose the designs, yarns, and fabrics to make for your shop?

Crocheting is an art in my culture, and there are many supplies made specially for this. I buy lots of "oya crochet" threads in almost every color, and I buy any fabric I like if it is suitable to make a scarf or neck scarf. Regarding designs, I'm inspired by cultural motifs and nature (especially flowers).

3. What is your process when it comes to working collaboratively with your friends to create items for your shop?

I was alone when I started my Etsy shop. Then Zeynep , my best friend, joined me. Finally Meltem joined the team and we are now three crochet-loving ladies. Sometimes we all together make a design and choose the colors, materials, etc. Other times we do our own pieces. We are a nice team and good friends.

4. What have been some of your best-selling items so far, and how do you hope to grow your shop in the future?

Thread crochet necklaces are our best seller. We hope to open a small brick and mortar shop and take wholesale orders from different countries.

5. Is your work influenced by traditional Turkish arts and crafts?

Absolutely yes! Thread crochet and needle (sewing needle) crochet and scarves are very famous in our country. And our moms taught us crocheting at very early ages.

Thanks, Anakiz!

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