Friday, February 20, 2015

Meet Costa Vasili, CEO of Sydney Translations

Costa Vasili is the CEO of Sydney Translations, a premium translation agency in Australia providing NAATI accredited and certified professional translation services in over 150 languages. The people at Sydney Translations believe that communication is at the very core of a well-functioning society and because of this, they work with the private and public sector to ensure communication can occur across linguistic barriers.

1. As a translation service based in Australia, what languages are you most commonly asked to translate?

At Sydney Translations, the languages that we get the most requests to complete translation projects in are largely influenced by the migrant populations that have moved to Australia over many decades. Our top ten languages that we work in are Malay, Spanish, French, Italian, German, Arabic, Chinese, Greek, Croatian, Thai, and Portuguese. These languages are in keeping with large migrant populations that have moved to Australia.

2. How do you find the best translators to work for your company?

The best translators that we work with are ordinarily found through our industry contacts and through recommendations. The best translators conduct themselves in a professional manner, meet their deadlines, and check for accuracy before submitting translation deliverables. Building a strong relationship with your translation team helps to build trust and mutual respect, leading to a long and successful partnership. For example, an Arabic translator in Sydney that we work with has never missed a deadline in over 100 assignments and has always received positive feedback from our clients.

3. What are some factors that keep your services so affordable?

Utilizing the latest in technology to drive process improvement and efficiency is absolutely essential to ensuring that we can provide an extremely affordable translation service. At Sydney Translations we operate an extremely lean delivery model to ensure that there are no unnecessary overheads being added to our clients' invoices.

4. When it comes to effective translations, what helps translators achieve speed in their work while also maintaining a high degree of accuracy?

There are a number of Computer-Assisted Translation (CAT) tools that translators can use to improve translation accuracy and speed up work. CAT tools help to predict translations, remove repetition, and utilize glossaries to improve translation accuracy.

5. For people seeking translation services, what would your advice be in terms of how to find the best translators for their specific job?

To find the best translation service for your needs, ensure that you work exclusively with translation professionals (not bilingual friends or colleagues). Just because someone can speak two languages doesn't mean that they can effectively translate for you, particularly when it comes to technical subject matter. Seek out translation agencies that work with accredited translators and that are able to explain to you how their unique translation delivery model can help you maintain translation accuracy whilst meeting deadlines and working within your budget.

Thanks, Costa!

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