Friday, January 23, 2015

Meet Stephanie Dennison of Interiors Connected

Stephanie Dennison is 28, recently married, and has always had a strong interest in color and design. Her company, Interiors Connected, takes the guess work out of designing a beautiful space for you from the comfort of your own home. With several affordable design packages to choose from, Interiors Connected will do the hard work for you.

1. What inspired the launch of Interiors Connected?

After having finished a two-year program for interior styling, I wanted to branch out with my design work. I chose to expand to a greater audience online, offering help to customers who have an interest for DIY projects but are not quite sure where to start with designing their space. I also wanted to help people at a fraction of the cost of what other designers would charge for their services face to face.

2. When a customer orders a customized design file from you, what do they receive?

This depends on the package the customer chooses to go with. Our basic package includes a presentation board that showcases all of the furniture and decor laid out together so you can visually see how they all complement each other as well as a list of suppliers of where to find these products. The next package up includes that as well as a floor plan that outlines where each item should go in your room. Lastly, the full design package I offer includes everything already listed as well as a 3D rendered image of your finalized design so the customer can visually see exactly how their space will look in the end.

3. How can customers utilize their design file to actualize the design they want in their home?

As every package I offer comes with a list of suppliers of where to purchase the items I have chosen for the customer; this makes it incredibly simple to actualize the design they want in their home. After customers have selected which package they want to go with, first and foremost I send them a design questionnaire so that I can get a good feel for what they are looking to achieve with their design.

4. What are some ways that people without design experience can shape their own ideas about interior design for their home?

I think the best tool for people to use that don't have design experience would be the internet. Just to get some inspiration about a certain look or style for your own home, I would suggest looking up images through Google to get started.

5. If you could give just three pieces of advice to someone who was looking to create a new design for the inside of their home, what would you say?

The first would be to keep things simple! Sometimes less really is more when it comes to designing your space. Also, don't be afraid to incorporate color into your home. You don't have to paint your entire room bright red to do this, but a few pops of color found in some throw pillows is a good way to perk up a drab space. Lastly, I would say just have fun with it! Designing your space shouldn't feel like a daunting task to accomplish. Everyone has an idea of things they like and don't like, but some might find it hard to piece it all together. That's where I come in!

Thanks, Stephanie!

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