Thursday, January 22, 2015

Meet Cark of

Cark runs the website, which is a resource for Honda owners who want to learn more about getting the best updates for the GPS navigation systems in their cars.

1. Would you give us a little bit of general information about what the Honda navigation system is?

The Honda Navigation system is an inbuilt GPS system crammed with loads of benefits--only what you could expect from Honda the brand. It's inbuilt to the dashboard and comes built into majority of their new cars produced. A lot of the older models had it as an upgrade available on purchase.

2. How does the Honda system differ from other GPS systems?

The Honda system differs from other because of the amount of additional features. I particularly like the points of interest functionality. The Honda Navigation System has 1000s of pre-programmed points of interest that appear on the maps screen as icons while you're driving. These points include hospitals, schools, gas stations, police stations, local business, and amenities.

3. Why is it important to update your navigation system?

It is really important to update your Honda Navigation System. If you don't, you can be wasting time gas and money while polluting the atmosphere. This is because when the system is not updated, it has no way of picking up the new maps. So when programing your journey, it is not taking advantage of any new routes that should be available to you. Also, by using out of date technology, you are not benefiting from all the new and updated points of interest. Plus, you will not have access to new features such as the electronic toll collection feature which plans routes for you minimizing the amount of money spent on toll collection.

4. When you wanted to update your own system, what issues did you run into that inspired you to start your website?

When I wanted to update my Honda Navigation System, I really struggled to find an informative review completed by a Honda driver who was actually the end consumer of this product. I couldn't find much, apart from press releases and marketing. This is why I created this website, and we have a contact us page where we actively request people to share their feedback about updating their Honda Navigation System--once this is done, we can then upload it to the site. This means the site is ever-evolving by other Honda owners' contributions.

5. What can readers find on your site, and is there other info that you're planning to add in the future?

Readers will find informative reviews and pictures, and they can gain a great understanding of what updating your in-car technology can do for them and their driving experience. The site is ever-evolving but does rely on people getting involved. This allows the site to grow, sticking to the values I have built it on, ensuring that the reader gets information from different people and can see real life reviews from Honda owners and enthusiasts.

Thanks, Cark!

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