Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Meet Josh Sexton, CEO of Hiiro Media

Josh Sexton is the CEO of Hiiro Media. His company builds creative social media campaigns across all platforms, and they work with companies of all calibers. Hiiro Media focuses on storytelling in all they do to drive business results. Learn more about Josh by visiting his LinkedIn page.

1. How did you first become interested in working in the field of social media?

In 2009 when I Joined Facebook. I realized I could market and sell products from a distance and reconnect with those I lost contact with over the years.​

2. What inspired you to start Hiiro Media, and what does the name mean?

​What inspired me was being in college, and seeing how the same old stuff is being regurgitated over and over and over again. I realized the way we market and the way we sell things are changing as rapidly as technology is changing. And very few brands have noticed this.

​Hiiro Media means creative story-driven marketing and branding. We find a way to tell a brand's story that captivates their audience and allows their audience to feel as though that company cares, that the company is human and not just trying to take their money.

3. Why is storytelling so important in a social media campaign?

​Because it allows for the audience to feel connected. It allows for a brand's message to reach their audience in a more human, authentic, and transparent way.

4. What are some things that very small businesses or indie businesspeople/artists/etc can do themselves to help get the word out about their projects?

Hire me. Lol. What can they do? They can invest the extra time and effort in educating themselves on where their target audience is and learning how to create content that visually and emotionally captivates them. Find a creative and innovative way to inspire them to engage with the brand. ​

5. When is it time for an individual or company to hire a professional firm for help with utilizing social media to improve their business results?

​When they sincerely wish to grow their business. Most companies think that just having a presence and posting words and pictures is marketing in the time we live in. What is scary is that companies with that philosophy fail because they think it's smart to throw things against the wall and see if it sticks.

Thanks, Josh!

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