Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Introducing and a Book about Movies as Inspiration

If you're interested in the ways that movies can help us explore meaning in our lives, be sure to visit The author behind the site, Primrose Roberts, regularly posts thoughtful content about the ways that we can enjoy movies as a way of gaining perspective on our own situations in life.

The posts combine a variety of interesting source material, such as Jungian archetypes and Joseph Campbell's writings. There's also a connection to the Law of Attraction as the author analyzes the ways that movie heroes reach their goals. In other words, you can look at movies through different lenses and appreciate movies in new ways--and appreciate how they can even help you actualize what you want to achieve in your own life.

Primrose Roberts is the author of a book called SPUN: 101 Movies to Recreate Your Reality. You can get a good idea of the content of the book by visiting her website--and in fact, you can read Chapter 1 of the book there for free. The book is available on Amazon, in Kindle format.

We've always heard the expression about the "magic of movies," so I like the idea of someone taking this notion and exploring it more fully. We spend a lot of time watching movies, so why not watch them in a way that's more active rather than passive? The author also works with the metaphor of "writing a script," extending it beyond screenwriting to the idea of writing scripts for our own lives.

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