Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Introducing for News about SEO, ORM and More

It always makes me happy when an internet marketing company has an informative, content-rich blog. To me, it demonstrates that the company is sincere and really knows how to do their job well. Akado is one such company. Founded in Finland just over ten years ago, Akado offers services in SEO, online reputation management, and more; they also offer services in Russian.

When I visited the site, the most recent article was a thoughtful piece about the differences between manual and automated SEO. In short, automated is cheaper, but manual is more likely to return results because you actually have someone sitting down to write meaningful content and to work on creating quality links.

I was also interested in a recent article on online reputation management for doctors. This makes a lot of sense to me because I know that when I get a referral to a new physician, I look the person up online. Even one bad review online can create a reduction in patients choosing a doctor. It really is a different world today where "word of mouth" can easily become distorted.

If you're interested in increasing your visibility online in Russia, Akado's site has some relevant articles for you. I learned about the popular Russian search engine, Yandex, by scrolling through the posts on the site. There are several articles on Russian SEO and how to reach the Russian market more effectively.

Akado's blog is officially known as its "news" page, and the articles are archived by year. Check out the articles from 2015 here, the articles from 2014 here, and the articles from 2013 here. It is definitely worth browsing these archives if you have even a passing interest in how you can improve your web presence and search ranking.

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