Thursday, January 29, 2015

Meet Adam Deane, CTO of ProcessPolicy, a Task Analysis Software Solution is an online software solution for task analysis, that improves the way business processes are run within companies by analyzing employee tasks. Our interview below is with Adam Deane, the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of ProcessPolicy.

1. Do you think that most businesses are utilizing some method of task analysis, whether or not they are familiar with the term "task analysis" or not?

Every company has the same problem: employees not completing their tasks on time. It's a common scenario. Managers tearing their hair out, trying to understand where they are in the project, who is behind schedule, what is causing the delay. Most managers have no real-time information on what employees are doing, what the status of the task is, if they are doing it right, and if not: where they are getting it wrong.

2. What are some of the ways that task analysis benefits a business?

Task analysis is a business methodology of analyzing employee tasks to improve the way internal business processes are run within a company, helping companies to become more efficient. It enables companies to cut out mistakes and human errors and finds work bottlenecks and redundant tasks that waste employee time. Task analysis ensures tasks get done properly, finds the underperformers in the company, and locates work bottlenecks. It automates the internal procedures and processes and reduces the administrative burden.

3. What inspired the creation of your software?

Our goal was to create a really smart software solution that is easy to use, simple to understand, and effective in improving employee productivity. Task management has been around for some years now. Task analysis is a new trend in task management that focuses on analysis, optimization, and prioritization.

If task management is the process of managing employee tasks, then task analysis is the process of optimizing those tasks. We've solved a crucial business pain companies have, by bringing business intelligence into employee task management.

Our online task management solution enables organizations to improve internal company and employee performance through workflows, checklists, escalations and alerts. It enables businesses to automate their internal procedures using the built-in workflow processes, analyzing employee performance through dashboards, and enforcing internal company policies through the software wizards.

4. What were the challenges in creating the software solution?

The first challenge was marketing--reaching our target audience. It required time, money, skill, experience, discipline, attention, and concentration. Persistence and patience are priceless attributes needed by every start-up company.

The other interesting challenge was technology. How do you bring analysis into a company environment and keep it simple enough to be used by non-technical managers? It's relatively simple to develop a software technology. The hard part is making the technology simple to use.

5. What are some of your plans for 2015?

Task analysis is the next big thing in the business world. Businesses will benefit from the ability to bring business intelligence and develop predictive analytics using data mining to provide better employee behavior predictions and help drive the decision-making process. Only through analyzing tasks can managers begin to understand employee behavior, identify internal working trends, and discover where employees can be made more efficient. Analyzing employee behavior is a very important factor in improving business performance.

Napoleon once said: "War is ninety percent information." His military success was accredited to having crucial information at the crucial time. When you're fighting for a competitive advantage in business, task analysis is crucial to your success.

It's going to be a very interesting year.

Thanks, Adam!

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