Thursday, January 15, 2015

Meet Bob Wilson of Personal Injury Solicitors Bristol

Bob Wilson runs a website in the UK which helps people in the Bristol and Avon area to find a personal injury lawyer to help them with an accident claim. In the interview below, Bob tells us about how his firm of personal injury solicitors in Bristol serve the local area, and he gives us a little insight into the city of Bristol itself.

Learn more about Bob's site by checking out this YouTube video.

1. Can you tell me first how your Bristol personal injury lawyers are different than other legal teams in the area, and what differentiates you from the competition?

Well, first up, in the UK we call lawyers by the term solicitors instead. I know that might sound funny to US readers! Our website, Personal Injury Solicitors Bristol was launched last year and aims to give people in Bristol access to the legal system where they might have previously been barred from due to financial reasons. Readers can visit us by clicking here for our Accident Claimline website should they need more information.

Because we work on a no win no fee basis, it means anyone in Bristol can employ the services of personal injury solicitors without having to worry about incurring any upfront costs. This means that people who might have previously been worried about taking legal action on compensation claim can get the representation that they deserve.

2. What is Bristol like as a place to live and work in? I understand it's a very beautiful place with some amazing history.

Oh, it's fantastic. It truly is. At lunchtimes we like to take time out from the Personal Injury Bristol office and go down the water front on the Bristol Channel--there are some amazing cafes and restaurants down there which do some great food for hungry personal injury solicitors and lawyers!

There's a great vibe in the city; it's well known throughout the United Kingdom as a bit of a creative hub with lots of digital marketing agencies, creative agencies, artists, and writers. Currently the Bristol docks are undergoing a bit of a transformation which is where a lot of the creativity tends to take place.

In fact, the Personal Injury Solicitors Bristol team are thinking about permanently relocating our office space there so we can be more amongst what's happening in the city. Fingers all crossed that will happen in the next couple of months!

3. How does your business work, and how do you attract new customers who need to make a personal injury claim in the Bristol area?

We work purely on an inbound enquiry basis. That means we aren't like some personal injury solicitors who are like "ambulance chasers"--I'm sure you know what I mean by that. Instead, we let potential new clients come to us, whether via word of mouth or through our website.

Once they call our team of experts, we will assess their personal injury claim and see if we can help them with a compensation claim--in many cases we sometimes need to turn people away if the claim seems or appears to be frivolous. I think that's what helps set us apart a little more, as we are building a reputation as very good personal injury solicitors in Bristol and want to keep that reputation intact.

4. So what exactly does "no win no fee" mean in the personal injury industry?

OK, so it's very simple. A client will come to us with a personal injury claim, and we will take the case on without asking them to pay any fees upfront or in advance. Our personal injury solicitors will only be paid upon successful completion of a compensation pay out.

We find that this works very well for our clients in Bristol and means that they can get access to the legal system via a network of expert personal injury solicitors without taking any financial risk. We find that no win no fee works very well for many people in the city and have had some great results from running campaigns such as this.

5. Can you share any strange personal injury claims cases that your Bristol office has had to process since launching?

Unfortunately, we are tied into multiple forms of client confidentiality agreements, so I can't really comment on any particular cases individually. Needless to say, though, we do get some very strange and unusual cases coming through our telephone lines that you would not believe. I wish I could share some of them with you, but I'm afraid I can't do that. Perhaps one day I should write a book once I no longer work in the industry?

6. Finally, what are you plans for the Personal Injury Solicitors Bristol website for the immediate future?

I've recently tasked our social media and marketing team with creating some new videos to use on our website. I think that YouTube marketing is particularly important right now as so many people tend to use it as an alternative to Google when looking for advice on a wide variety of subjects.

In addition to that, we are looking to expand the website out to include new information on aspects such as medical and clinical negligence claims in Bristol--those pages are under development at the moment but should mean that we can serve even more clients in Bristol and offer a more value added service for all forms of accident claims advice.

Thanks, Bob!

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