Thursday, January 1, 2015

Introducing IT Craft, A Company Offering Web Solutions

IT Craft is a software developer and service provider with almost 15 years of experience. Learn more about IT Craft by visiting their about page. They offer a variety of support solutions for companies of different sizes. Services provided by IT Craft include server administration, web design based on WordPress and Magento engines, LAMP, web apps development, and development of apps for iOS and Android.

The company's perspective is customer-focused, with an emphasis on being able to design, implement, and support solutions based on the individual wishes and concepts of each unique customer. Their customers come from all over the world, with forty percent of clients in the United States and clients in Germany, Australia, the UK, and several European countries.

IT Craft has grown from a tiny company with just one developer back in 2001 to a company with over 130 employees at the end of 2014. They have a keen understanding of a variety of applications and work with customers to create solutions meeting the customers' needs.

I enjoyed reading the customer testimonials on their website, and IT Craft creates a clear plan early in the process with customers to let you know just what to expect and what they can do for you. I think IT Craft will definitely be a provider to watch in 2015 and beyond.

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