Thursday, August 28, 2014

Meet Lola Kerecki, Artist

Lola Kerecki is a Canadian contemporary artist living in Toronto. Her subject matter and style varies from realism to impressionist to abstract. Moving from portraits to pets to reproductions and now expanding into different areas is exciting and re-invigorating her. Whatever image strikes or inspires her is her obsession of the moment.

For her next series, she is currently exploring the beauty of the Canadian landscapes and indigenous wildlife but capturing it as impressionist/abstract work. Art is the freedom to express yourself, and her new work which will showcase her latest obsession will be available for sale at the Schomberg Street Gallery on September 14th, 2014 in King City Ontario, more details on her website or And be sure to follow Lola on Twitter!

1. How did you first become interested in creating art?

I don't think I had a choice, lol. I can't remember when I wasn't drawing or painting as a child. It was completely natural for me. From the moment I picked up a pencil, I found it very comforting and completely normal.

2. How has your style changed/evolved over time?

I think that's the true beauty as an artist. A good artist develops and experiments over time. Doing the same thing over and over is the definition of insanity so it's important to evolve. I'm currently in my experimental stage right now. I'm excited. My style before was realism, but now I enjoy more of an interpretation, the little imperfections and the "messy bits." I'm also exploring more landscapes and wild animals but with my spin on it. A little abstract, cross realism and maybe throw in a splash of graffiti. It's liberating not to label a style. I'm not a fan of labels of any sort.

3. Would you tell us a little more about the work that will be featured in your upcoming show at the Schomberg Street Gallery?

I'd be happy to! I'm painting pretty much as we speak, so hopefully everything will be ready by then, fingers crossed! In addition to some of the oversized abstract portraits I have experimented with as of late, I have some very colorful landscapes: one is fall-based with stunning golds and yellows, and the other is a red smoky forest which is surreal and hopefully my pseudo Graffiti Canada Goose will be finished! All will be posted on my website prior to the September Schomberg Street Gallery, so I hope you check it out.

4. As a Canadian artist, do you feel that where you live and your national/cultural identity influences your work?

To some extent but with technology today we are so connected and exposed to many more things from other countries and cultures that can influence an artist like me. I lived in New York for eight years and that experience definitely influenced me. However, I've always been a very visual person, so any image can trigger a concept for a new series whether I see it in Canada or on my travels or even online through social media.

5. How has Twitter been important for you as an artist, and what is your advice to up and coming artists who want to build their presence online?

Social media is crucial to get your work out there and to be seen. It can bring in many opportunities if used correctly. Aside from having a website, it's simply how people choose to connect nowadays. Everything is public! You can network with other artists. Artists can now communicate directly with their potential clients. You can promote an upcoming show. It gives us a platform for news or announcements in real time.

To use Twitter to its full potential, use hashtags to stand out, like #artisttowatch for example. You can also reach out to more galleries through Twitter. It just makes it so much easier to connect with your target audience. I even landed a dream client through Twitter. I reached out to none other than W. Brett Wilson from the TV show, Dragon's Den, and he commissioned me to do a painting of his dog, Maja. So that worked out quite well. Score!

Thanks, Lola!

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