Thursday, August 28, 2014

Meet Kareem Maize, Blogger, Musician, and IT Professional

Kareem Maize is a 26-year-old musician and information technology professional with a passion for learning new aspects of life every day. On his journey to express himself, Kareem began blogging to share his ideas with others. Now he intends to create interesting and engaging content for his viewers to help them grow spiritually, physically, and mentally.

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1. If you had to summarize the goal of your blog, what would you say?

My blog is an environment to help people with personal development by exposing them to different ideas and belief systems.

2. Why do you think that many people feel a lack of abundance in their lives?

They created a limiting belief about their current circumstances regarding the assets in their life they did or do not possess.

3. In your own life, what has helped you gain insight and to experience personal growth?

I had several good mentors, but ultimately I always had a feeling that that a single person can accomplish great things. As a child I had the crazy belief that anything is possible and funny enough I still do.

4. When it comes to being more solution-focused rather than problem-focused, what are some things we can do to start seeing more solutions, rather than problems, in our lives?

The best way I have found to conquer a problem is to realize that it is only temporary, and you are greater than any problem you currently face. Once you realize it's only temporary, you can shift your focus to a solution instead of being consumed by it.

5. How do you see your blog growing over the next year or so?

I want to have a good following in the personal development community and thousands of subscribers.

Thanks, Kareem!

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