Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Introducing Singapore Property Review

If you ever feel curious about the variety of real estate properties available in Singapore, check out Singapore Property Review. The front page of the site contains links to detailed postings about new condo/apartment developments. The posts about each development are thorough in their descriptions and contain a nice selection of images to give you an idea about the design and location of each specific property.

The site could be a useful tool for someone looking for residential property in Singapore. But there's other information on the site as well which could be of interest for businesspeople as well as real estate investors. There's a menu across the top of the page which allows you to access a variety of other real estate related information, such as listings for commercial and industrial properties.

The property news page gives an overview of relevant news stories related to new developments, potential investments, and more. And if you are curious about when new construction will be underway, the new projects page contains a timeline with links to information about upcoming building work.

This is an interesting resource to browse if you're curious about real estate and Singapore. You'll find information on a range of projects and lots of links to keep you busy reading and learning more.

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