Sunday, August 24, 2014

Introducing RaiseYourPaddlez, a New Auction Site

RaiseYourPaddlez is a new website for live auctions. The video below gives a good explanation of how the site works.

If you have items you wish to sell at auction, you would register as a user of the site, and then upload information about your product. The site has a variety of categories to choose from so that people browsing the listings will find your item, and the interface is easy with fill in the blanks forms to use.

The creators of the site emphasize that their intent is to offer a safe buying and selling experience, without the high selling fees of some other sites. They also pride themselves on offering excellent customer service.

RaiseYourPaddlez was launched just two months ago, so keep an eye on it to see how it grows as an auction-format marketplace for buyers and sellers all over the world.

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