Friday, August 22, 2014

Some Sites with Info on Printable Tax Forms

Did you know that printable tax forms are readily available to use? If you have yet to file your taxes for 2014, you can find free printable tax forms through many links online, including the IRS website.

Even if you do your taxes online, it's good to have a hard copy backup, so printable forms are a plus. The IRS recommends that everyone keep copies of their own tax records. I know that personally I try to maintain both digital and print records just in case.

Another resource about printable tax forms for the current year is this Facebook page called, you guessed it, Printable IRS 2014 Federal Tax Forms. The page has links to various forms as well as different articles with tax-related information.

I always say that the IRS website is the best resource for tax-related forms and information, but it can also be enlightening to gather the perspectives of other people when looking at your options for filing, record-keeping, and more. There are countless issues to think about when it comes to taxes!

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