Friday, August 29, 2014

Introducing Cowan Introductions

How many single people live in the United States? This question inspired the creation of New York City's Cowan Introductions. The company's founder and professional matchmaker Ms. Lorene Cowan works every day to help people who want to find true love.

Ms. Cowan herself was born and raised in New York City and holds a bachelor's in Communications. She started her matchmaking career as she worked on various projects in wellness and life coaching and found a natural focus on topics ranging from finding love to working through personal life issues. With Cowan Introductions, Ms. Cowan provides a service in areas of life too often neglected due to hectic schedules and busy lifestyles.

Cowan Introductions offers a different type of matchmaking service. The company differentiates itself from competitors by offering a concierge experience for its clients. Ms. Cowan is a Certified Life Coach, and before a client begins going out on dates, she sets up a coaching session with him or her to see if he or she is really committed to the process. This is separate from the client's initial consultation. Step two, she sets up a mock date to test the client's dating skills. If a client is in need of a makeover, a stylist will be provided to help adjust the client's image. Step three is to set the client up with a compatible match. Step four, Ms. Cowan will plan the date and set it up. After the date, she will have a conversation with her client and the client's date for feedback and to figure out the next step.

In addition to offering matchmaking services, she also coordinates Just Us Single Ladies Seminars. During these monthly events, women come together to discuss challenges in relationships. In a 90-minute semiar, Ms. Cowan offers advice on how to successfully date as a professional single woman. She is also at work on her first book, Just Us Single Ladies: A Matchmaker's Formula for Attracting, Engaging and Keeping the Man You Want.

Ms. Cowan was once a client for a very high-end matchmaking company and did not receive the service she deserved as a paying client. Though this experience was disappointing, it became clear to her that the high-volume environment, which is common in traditional matchmaking agencies, could not offer the personalized service that is needed when connecting two people. From this experience, Ms. Cowan found the desire to improve the matchmaking experience. She is now devoted to providing exceptional customer service that her elite clientele deserves.

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