Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Signs that Mean Business

Below is a guest post from HFE Signs Ltd, a UK-based company specializing in banners, signs, and digital printing. Click here to see a previous post from HFE on the history of magnetic signs.

When considering a sign to advertise your store or business, there are many options, from fascias attached to the building itself, to shop signs that can be placed in a window or on a wall or board, to pavement signs. You may wish to purchase a combination of these, but before you make your choice, there are some points to consider.

Pavement signs, for instance, can be either the A board type, with legs, or swing signs, suspended from a frame. Both are vulnerable to being blown over by strong winds, but it is possible get pavement signs that are filled with water for greater stability. Some offer magnetic fittings, which will fix the poster to the board more effectively. If you are not sure exactly where to site your swing sign, you can get one on castors to try out different spots easily.

When it comes to signs attached to a building, your business name needs to stand out, especially if there are similar shops or offices nearby. Many shop signs are PVC or acrylic panels, cheap and easy to fix in an aluminum frame and reasonably weatherproof. A more upmarket version are digitally printed shop signs, with vinyl graphics providing a more eye-catching effect. Or you could opt for 3D lettering in a variety of materials. If you want a 24-hour presence on the high street, this can be achieved with the addition of lighting.

Other types of sign might be more suitable for your particular needs, such as a customized wall plaque, a signpost directing potential clients towards your business, or even a temporary sign and display which you can take to exhibitions and trade fairs.

Clearly, choosing the right style for your all-important publicity sign is not for amateurs. We have all seen examples of ill-designed signage that looks home-made or clumsy (sometimes even misspelled) which gives a very bad impression. To avoid this, you need to take the advice of experienced professionals. Most of the companies offering shop signs online stock a range of styles with photos, but you also need to think about the graphic design. If you are uploading material that you have produced yourself, there are also many instructions to follow about uploading your design so that the company can print it effectively on the sign of your choice.

However, if you do not want to use your own design, some of the companies will help, not only with the design itself but they may offer a complete branding service, ranging from concept to logo and product design, as well as manufacture of the finished article(s). The personalized service can go as far as visiting your site and measuring up, ensuring the best possible sign for the location.

When you have decided on your particular needs, compare the online shop sign companies by looking at what they offer, their testimonials, and the companies they already work for. You will soon be able to work out which seems to offer the best deal, but don't assess them on price alone. A cheap-looking shop sign can be an expensive mistake!

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