Monday, March 31, 2014

Eye Exam Tips from an Optometrist in North Miami

Eye Clarity in North Miami is operated by Dr. Elise Kramer, an optometrist who specializes in ocular health, emergency eye care, and soft contact lenses. She offers eye exams starting at under $70.

The following guest post is courtesy of Dr. Kramer and the staff at Eye Clarity.

Finding an optometrist in North Miami may seem easy enough, but what you really need is someone who can offer you a range of professional services to give you the best eyesight possible. This will enable you to read smaller texts you may not have been able to without glasses or contacts, drive safely, and once again pay attention to the finer detail of things.

Eye Clarity can offer you a range of services; the most common undertaken are comprehensive eye examinations. This examination is pain-free and can be completed in under an hour. It is used to assess the full visual field, spot any eye problems that may otherwise have gone undetected, and see whether you need further treatment, glasses, or contact lenses to improve your current sight.

You should have your eyes examined every two years, even if you have not had any problems before. The reason for this is that as you get older, your vision can slowly become affected, and you may not notice until it becomes extremely troublesome. You can stop the deterioration in most cases by spotting deterioration early. A comprehensive eye exam in North Miami can do this for you.

You can get a pediatric eye exam, too, which means that you can deal with the whole family's eye care needs in the same place. A pediatric eye exam can make a big difference to a child who knows no different but may be suffering with their education at school. It is one of the first things a teacher will ask a parent to do if they feel that a child is falling behind and in many cases is the reason.

If you need emergency eye care, we are able to assist you. Although you can go to an emergency room, many of them are not equipped to properly care for your needs. We can provide care for irritated eyes, removal of foreign objects, appropriate care for blood vessels that are broken, allergies and burning, loss of vision, pain, and much more. Our eye doctor has dealt with a whole host of emergencies, and even out of hours we have a dedicated line for you to ring so that you can get the care you need no matter the time. If you need emergency eye care, you should not wait as you could be risking your health and permanent sight.

Our Eye Clarity optometrist in Miami can make sure your eye conditions are taken care of and if necessary the right glasses or contact lens prescriptions are provided. So many people take their eyesight for granted until something goes wrong. We hope to change that and ensure that everyone can see as clearly as they are meant to. Even people with astigmatism and other conditions that were unable to wear contact lenses before can be provided for now. We have specialty lenses so if you would prefer them to glasses, you now have a choice. If it is to do with eye care, we pretty much provide it. No matter your age, it is never too early to take care of your sight.

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  1. Wow, what an interesting to know about the suggestion of getting your eyes checked every two year. This sounds something like what my optometrist has told me before. For the eye exam, is there a certain score that an optometrist would score you on?