Sunday, February 23, 2014

Bashford Jewelry, an Eco Friendly and Fair Trade Company

There's always more to say about a unique independent business, so after interviewing Mildred Stephens, the CEO and founder of Bashford Jewelry, I decided to do a follow up post with more info about this fair-trade company--and share more photos of their jewelry.

Bashford Jewelry has worked to establish a reputation as an eco-friendly company. In addition to selling only conflict-free diamonds, they use recycled golds. The process of gold mining produces a lot of toxic waste and pollution, so it's great news for the environment to find a jeweler who is using recycled gold instead.

The mission of Bashford Jewelry is to create timeless and stunning jewelry using ethical labor and environmentally responsible sourcing. The company does research on the origins of all of the diamonds they use, in order to protect and preserve the environment and improve the livelihoods of the people who participate in mining--and live in areas where mining occurs. The diamonds used by Bashford Jewelry all come from Canada and Russia.

The company has a very nice line of engagement rings. They have a variety of classic and modern designs, many with diamonds but others with different stones for those who like sapphires and other stones. There's a nice selection of both white and yellow gold as well.

Finally, the company gives back to the community in other ways. With each purchase, they donate money to charity, and their website includes information on the different charities they support. The scope of their community support ranges from local (such as a rehabilitation center for adults in need of therapy and housing) to international (such as efforts to prevent human trafficking).

I think we'll be seeing more from Bashford Jewelry as their reputation both online and offline continues to grow. From my perspective, it's great to see a move toward eco-green practices in the jewelry industry!

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