Sunday, February 23, 2014

Introducing Yugster, a Site Featuring Daily Deals

Who doesn't like a website which passes along deals to online shoppers? Yugster Daily Deals is a daily deals website whose name comes from the words, "Yours Until Gone." They post a new product every morning at 6:00am eastern standard time, and it's available until it sells out.

When you register with the site, they'll send you an email to give you a heads-up about the deal of the day. A cool thing about the site is that when browsing, I found several items available, in addition to today's deal. The site has special offers and other promos to keep visitors interested.

Some of the Yugster deals are members-only, and there are other features for members, too, such as the YugPoints you earn with each purchase and can apply to future purchases. In other words, they make it worth your while to sign up!

The site will appeal to shoppers who like Woot and other tech-friendly daily deal websites. They regularly feature tech products, so it's a good site to check out if you're checking for tech deals on the net.

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