Friday, February 7, 2014

Meet Mildred Stephens of Bashford Jewelry

Bashford Jewelry is a company dedicated to creating and selling beautiful one of a kind jewelry which is sourced and produced in ethical and environmentally responsible ways. Our interview below is with Mildred Stephens, CEO & Founder.

1. How did Bashford Jewelry get started, and what do you sell?

Through research, we became impassioned with the idea that responsibly-sourced jewelry could be an effective tool for social change in developing countries--and also create a better environment and help preserve it.

We offer eco-friendly, organic, and conflict free diamond engagement rings, men's wedding rings, women's wedding rings, and fashion and fine jewelry.

2. What processes does your company use to make sure that your diamonds are conflict-free?

Many of the world's diamonds are mined using practices that exploit workers, children, and communities. A million diamond diggers in Africa earn less than a dollar a day. Miners are dying in accidents, child labor is widespread, and corrupt leaders are depriving diamond mining communities of funds badly needed for economic development. Our beyond conflict free diamonds originate from Canada, Russia, and Botswana; the diamonds meet rigorous environmental standards, and producers are held strictly accountable to independent environmental monitoring agencies.

3. What is your company's mission?

Our mission is to make jewelry as beautiful and timeless as it can be, using ethical labor, eco-friendly materials, and environmentally responsible sources. We use only conflict free diamonds and research all our diamonds' origins, to protect and preserve the environment and improve livelihoods.

We work toward creating a greener diamond future, allowing us to fulfill our mission as the world leader in modern-day, ethically produced fine jewelry.

4. Would you tell us a little bit more about your commitment to ethical labor practices?

Our commitment to ethical labor practices is to ensure fair labor practices and safe, humane working conditions. All of our diamonds are mined in accordance with fair trade principles, providing local jobs and safe and progressive working conditions. Diamond miners receive fair wages, education, and skilled job training.

5. Do you design your own jewelry? If so, can a couple come in and design a ring with you?

Yes, we also specialize in affordable custom jewelry. We can create your memorable piece for you. The sky is the limit. Please send us your ideas or vision at

Thanks, Mildred!

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