Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Introducing Listicle, for Making and Sharing Creative Lists

Listicle is a fun site where you can compile and share information by creating your own lists--and you can explore lists made by other people. The site is largely visual as many people choose to share a lot of pictures and videos in their lists, but you can also make text-based lists and/or lists which consist of a series of links. In fact, the site designers define "a listicle" as "a form of writing that uses a list as its thematic structure, but is fleshed out with sufficient information to be published as an article."

Thinking about Facebook and other forms of social media, I find that I have a strong tendency to click on links where people are sharing lists. It's also a time-honored technique for bloggers: who doesn't love to read a helpful list of tips, resources, etc? Listicle simply takes our love for lists and makes it super-easy to create lists, share lists, and find unique lists on a variety of topics.

In exploring the site myself, I found it to be a fun way to learn new things and get ideas. One of the first lists that caught my eye was a list of ten creative business cards, including a card for a map store that folds up like a tiny road map, and a card for a roofing company designed to look like a shingled roof.

And here's an example of a thoughtful text-based list, where the list author shares several of her favorite quotes by authors who inspire her.

I signed up for an account and haven't made any of my own lists yet, but I'm enjoying clicking around on the site to see what other people are sharing. I think the site is going to become better and better as more people sign up and start building lists--I plan to join in the list-making, too (it's just been a super-busy week for me since I found out about the site!).

Check out Listicle's "about" page for more info about the intent behind the site and the creative ways you can use it.

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