Monday, November 4, 2013

Glass Partitions for Office Spaces

I'm coming up on my one-year anniversary of starting this blog, and in the time I've been posting, one of my favorite things to write about is a product or service that's new to me. As someone who works from home, I don't have much experience with larger office spaces, and as a result, I didn't know that you can buy custom glass partitioning systems to divide up an office in stylish and effective ways. I learned about this through the website for Lizzanno glass partitions.

Lizzanno is a company based in the UK, and they design partitions using 3D CAD modelling software to create what they aptly describe as "innovative space solutions." From the examples on their site, I could see how the glass partitions create more flow as well as a sense of both modernity and community.

Glass partitions can transform spaces in many ways. They can be used to create meeting rooms, small offices within larger open plan spaces, and other break out areas. They really create new options for designing--or remodeling--a workplace. The partitions are available in patterned, acoustic, and plain glass. As I noticed when I browsed the samples on Lizzanno's website, the different types of glass can make a design statement, too.

Lizzanno uses glass manufactured in London by the European Glass Group, and by working with a local company, they have access to many unique forms of glass--from glass that bends and curves to glass that is tempered and toughened. There are various options related to the acoustic needs of different office environments as well.

I almost wish I could dress up my home office with specially designed glass!

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