Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Introducing Ride Now Motors of Charlotte, North Carolina

Ride Now Motors is a dealer of used cars in Charlotte, NC who specializes in working with dealers who have damaged or poor credit. The vehicles they provide are of the highest quality, and they have up 350 vehicles in stock to ensure that they always have what their customers are looking for. The family-run business that is Ride Now Motors prides themselves on supplying the best buying and customer service experience in the area.

1. What inspired your family to start Ride Now Motors?

As a family, we have worked within the used car industry for some time and had a broad range of experience within all sectors of car sales. We were very aware that there was a sector of the market which wasn't being catered for properly within the sub prime sector. We wanted to start dealerships which would deliver vehicles of the highest quality to our customers and still be able to offer those vehicles with sub prime financing. Much of our inventory is considerably more expensive than our competitors' inventory; however, the margins which add to our vehicles are significantly lower, allowing us to supply a more expensive vehicle at the same monthly payment than the other dealers in our market.

2. Why did you choose to specialize in helping buyers who have experienced credit difficulties?

Since the economic downturn, more and more people have faced a wide range of financial challenges and been victims of situations which were out with their control. These shoppers are people who are used to having good credit and shopping for vehicles from dealerships who treated them with the utmost respect. It is all too common for dealerships who offer sub prime financing to treat customers with contempt and make them feel like second-class citizens, which is frankly ridiculous. Ride Now Motors adheres to the highest standards and provides a high class of vehicle which has been prepared to the highest standards. The number of vehicles which we sell as a result of our customers telling their friends is proof that we are doing something right!

3. What are some of the specific ways you are able to assist buyers with poor or damaged credit?

As part of setting up Ride Now Motors, we established our own finance company so we would be in control of every aspect of the selling experience, including providing a means offering our customers with a credit line. Setting up Credit Financial Group puts us in full control of every aspect of buying, selling, and financing the best quality vehicles for our customers.

4. As a used car dealer, could you tell us a little about your strategies for finding solid cars at affordable prices for your customers?

There are a few aspects which have impacted the traditional buying processes over the course of the last ten years, and we are incredibly dedicated to finding new avenues for finding the best quality vehicles for our dealerships. We have two full-time buyers that work for us along with an extensive network of contacts throughout five states who are constantly looking for vehicles which fit our remit. We do NOT offer vehicles with salvage titles, and every vehicle goes through a very extensive multi-point check before it reaches the showroom floor. Along with these checks, we also take care of many of the cosmetics issues which a used vehicle can develop; it is attention to detail like this really sets us apart from the competition.

5. What do you do to maintain a high level of customer service and a pleasant car-buying experience?

We mystery shop our own and our competitors' dealerships on a regular basis which we believe is rather unique to us. We also use a fantastic telephone system which allows us to record incoming and outgoing calls so we can review them on a weekly basis. We don't mystery shop our own salespeople to try to be sneaky, but to discover new training opportunities and alter our policies on an ongoing basis. The wonderful reviews which our customers leave us online are a great representation of the efforts we are putting in on a daily basis.

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