Friday, October 25, 2013

Meet Matthew Martino, Author, Entrepreneur, and Film Producer

Matthew Martino (full name: Matthew Mathetes Chihwai Martino) is a British entrepreneur, film producer, and bestselling author. He is perhaps best known as the author of the aviation guide Let's Fly and the subsequent founding of an online resource called Lets Fly Academy, which was well-received by aspiring pilots and aviation enthusiasts worldwide. His book Go For It is aimed at young entrepreneurs and has reviewed glowing reviews from various authors, blogs, and magazines.

With Matthew's 21st birthday just around the corner, it's a pleasure to interview him and find out what's new in his busy life.

1. How do you balance all the aspects of your work--from being a pilot and working with Lets Fly Academy, to producing and acting in films, to writing and now promoting your books?

It does seem like a lot, but it's not as bad as it looks. I spend more time producing films and promoting my books as this requires a more hands-on approach, but my key weapon on balancing these is getting help. I always hire people brighter than me, and they assist me.

2. What inspired you to write Go For It, and what will readers learn by reading the book?

Go For It was an inspiration based on my business failures. I didn't want others to get a taste of my fate, so it's more of a entrepreneurs' manual so that they don't end up in the same boat as me.

3. How did you first become involved in working in film? 

I've always been one for the camera; I did a photo-shoot when I was 16 and since then I've just never looked back. I now enjoy producing more that actually being on screen and in all fairness age is catching up with me; I'm 21 soon!

4. What are a couple of your favorite film projects of those you've worked on so far? 

That's a tough one. Every project I've worked on has memories of its own, but my personal favorite has to be Ortega and His Enemies as I met some super-amazing people while producing it, and it's also been a big learning curve for me.

5. How are you currently spending your days, and what projects (film, books, entrepreneurial, etc!) can we look forward to seeing from you over the next couple of years? 

I'm currently spending my days planning future films. I have no immediate plans of writing. My hands are still recovering from the last book. In the next few years I'm hoping to produce some inspirational and entertaining films in as well as do some more traveling. I just can't stay put; even on set you'll find me--here, there and everywhere. 


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Thanks, Matthew!

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