Friday, October 25, 2013

An Introduction to is free classified website that offers text, image, and video ads for free. The site features ads from all over the world, with ads sorted by topic rather than geographical area.

The current list of categories for Adsless are the following: Accessories, Apartments, Automotive, Communities, Donation, Entertainment, Jobs, Personal, and Travels.

When you click on the homepage, you see ads from a variety of categories. The dates for these ads are from different dates; it looks like a sampling of ads from the database.

You can also see the most recent ads drawn from all categories under the heading of "Most Recent Ads" on the upper right corner of the homepage.

In addition to text, ads can include images as well as videos. This looks like an interesting new site for people to try to find new traffic for their online businesses, items for sale, and other projects.

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