Thursday, September 19, 2013

An Introduction to Advertise and Earn

Who wouldn't like to earn money online? There's a persistent myth of people starting websites and magically gaining traffic to make enough money for an early retirement. The truth is that to build an empire, you must find creative ways to get backlinks to your website. Backlinking is like a vote: each incoming link to your website reflects that you're a credible source.

Onedollarcountry was pioneered by Paolo Andina and Joel Stutz, who wanted to create an innovative method for link building and online advertising. Many have already adopted their best practices and have noticed a surge in traffic and revenue from ad spaces. With Paolo and Joe's creation, people have a new opportunity earn money from ads and get real visitors to their sites.

Unlike cookie cutter advertising portals that promise payloads of traffic, onedollarcountry has a reach to targeted visitors, which leans to valuable conversion rates and return on investment. Other portals want to promise results and increased traffic, but the conversions are non-existent. Onedollarcountry's creative approach provides a specific targeted market that they can harness.

Using has the potential to be successful for marketing any business. The concept is simple: each company that would like to have their business in the spotlight can purchase a virtual piece of property, sliced out by countries on the map which appears on the website. Countries can be purchased starting at $1.00. Countries are then available for re-sale at double the price, and the current "ruler" of the country makes a profit.

In other words, in addition to visitors seeing the link to your site when you're the ruler of the country, when that country sells again, you double your investment. Not only do you make money when your country sells, but for the whole time you are the owner or ruler of the country you purchased, you'll have your web footprint seeded into the country for people to view. The benefit of purchasing a country to double the original investment, combined with the advertising that comes through during the time spent owning the country, can become a unique internet marketing powerhouse for any company or small business. was launched in May 2013. Paolo and Joel are driven to get backlinks to webmasters in a realistic, reliable, and honest way. Link building can be a difficult concept to apply, and there are many moving parts. The web of links that point to a website can take years to achieve with authority. OneDollarCountry can help reduce that time by providing ads which can be a useful source for link building. The clever design of the site is professional, and doesn't portray a look of desperation.

Paolo and Joel have a solid work ethic and attention to detail, and people who visit their site can feel confident in knowing that there are faces behind the ad spaces that cater to each one of their members. With the right focus and well-placed ads, there's an innovative way to earn money online with Learn more by visiting the Facebook page for the project as well.

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