Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Meet Fun Panda, A Creative and Eco-Friendly Company

Fun Panda is a company that makes iPhone cases that are both fun and eco-friendly. Their most popular products are custom iPhone cases where customers can upload an image of their choice and it will be laser engraved onto the case.

The people at Fun Panda also donate a portion of their proceeds to worthy causes like The Beautiful Dream Society.

1. What are some of the benefits of working with bamboo?

Well, bamboo is a highly renewable resource and very eco-friendly and can be made into all types of things, even clothes. To be honest I'm surprised bamboo is not more popular that it already it is.

2. What are some of the options available for people who want to customize their cases?

If you're interested in customizing your case, all you need to do is upload your image to our website and you'll get to see a preview of what it's going to look like. You can use any type of image you want. We've seen a lot of interesting things come through here, and it's cool to see people's creativity.

3. Do you sell locally or only online?

Both and we've also had some interest from people wanting to sell our products on their site or to get custom cases done to sell in their store. In that case, those designs are exclusive to that store and we wouldn't sell them on our website.

4. Could you tell us a little bit about the charitable organizations your company supports?

Currently we are mainly focused on the Beautiful Dream Society, which is a great organization dedicated ending human trafficking both in Oklahoma and Uganda. Human trafficking is a worldwide problem and they need all the help they can get.

The two other charities we like are much more well-known, and they are The Nature Conservancy and St. Judes. We alternate donations every so often and give at least 5% of our proceeds to them. More info can be found at

5. Are you envisioning additional creative products for the future?

We will be adding iPad cases in the near future and possibly the iPod Touch. We've also been planning a design contest to help add more designs to our collection. The details aren't in stone just yet, but it's something we're really excited about doing. As I said before, I really love seeing other people's creativity and the things they can come up with.

Thanks, Fun Panda!


  1. sounds like a great company that has something for everyone and gives charity to help others.

    1. Thanks for your comment. I enjoyed learning about this company. :)