Friday, August 9, 2013

The Standardized Testing Blues and The Chicago School Reviews

You find a lot of blues songs on YouTube, and you find a lot of videos related to education. But how often do you find a blues song about standardized testing? Oh, and better yet--how about a blues song sung by a dog named Hoover? Well, the creative minds at The Chicago School Reviews have put together a video called "The Standardized Testing Blues."

The Chicago School Reviews is a website owned and operated by Samantha Carter, a parent in Chicago with a keen interest in education. Her website emphasizes the important role of teachers as leaders in education. As the above video suggests, The Chicago School Reviews approaches its subject matter with a good dose of humor.

In addition to inviting interested readers to join the conversation on her blog, Samantha Carter is also looking for educators who wish to contribute guest posts. Oh, and for more on standardized testing, check out this previous post on Carter's blog about alternatives to standardized testing, such as portfolios.

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