Thursday, August 8, 2013

An Introduction to

Nick W. Bennett is the founder of, which aims to help entrepreneurs and small businesses learn WordPress and grow their online presence through integrated marketing strategies. As an entrepreneur, Nick is a big proponent of people tapping into their own talents and skills so that they may be able create their own path professionally. In Nick's words, "Becoming your own boss has never been more attainable than right now."

Wpresstic specializes in helping people learn WordPress and teaching them how to grow their WordPress-powered websites. Navigating today's digital landscape isn't easy, and the online environment changes rapidly. However, with the right marketing strategy, Nick believes that anyone can find success. Thus, Wpresstic offers several avenues for people to both learn WordPress and market their WordPress-powered websites.

Nick and his colleagues offer a video tutorial series in conjunction with a community forum that walks people through the basics of WordPress. This includes how to set up WordPress, navigate the dashboard, learn to publish posts and pages, upload images and videos, install themes and plugins, and much more. This service is currently free but there are plans to expand it into a paid service in the future.

Wpresstic also offers additional WordPress installation services that include custom installations and a free installation service.

If you are looking to building your presence on the Internet to become a self-employed success, WordPress definitely deserves consideration as the platform for your website, and Wpresstic is a good place to start learning about what WordPress offers.

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