Monday, August 12, 2013

Meet John Culbertson, Spiritual Teacher and New Age Author

"Mystic" John Culbertson is a shamanic practitioner, spiritual teacher, new age author, and professional psychic/intuitive counselor.

A published author, motivational speaker, and in 2010 nominated as one of the best psychics in Southwest Florida by readers of The Natural Awakening magazine, John has positively influenced many people to become masters of their own lives.

John not only provides insights into the past and present and makes predictions about the future, but also teaches his clients and students how to tap into their own intuitive and spiritual side, changing lives forever.

Learn more about John by checking out the Life Improvement Toolbox.

1. As an author, what are your main goals in terms of what you want to share with your readers?

As an author, my main goal is to inform the reader and give them insights into what I've had to spend lots money, time, energy, and effort in learning. If I can take what I've learned and put it into a form where someone else can more easily digest that information, then I've done my job as an author.

Right now my main aim is focusing on spirituality and helping those that choose to follow a more spiritual (as opposed to religious path) to understand the world from a spiritual perspective and an energy and wisdom based perspective.

To this end, my books Psychic Self Defense and Protection and Improve Your Intuition really hone in and focus on topics which those that choose to follow more spiritually oriented paths will find both enlightening and useful.

2. How do you help clients develop their own intuitive abilities?

Observation is the key word. I help people tune into their own observations thereby learning to trust their own inner selves. All people are intuitive. Be you call it intuition, sixth sense, psychic ability, or something else... it's a natural skill and ability that all people possess and are capable of developing more fully.

There are numerous techniques one can use in their quest for development and that's what my book Improve Your Intuition is all about. It starts at base zero, assuming someone has little to no knowledge of intuitive or psychic energy and helps them, through a series of exercises, to both develop it as well as learn more fully about the success principle that all people are capable of embracing.

3. What is the role of meditation in your life, and how have you seen it help your clients?

I typically meditate daily. Normally three times a day barring life events and so forth. When I get up I do a standard pranic or breath focused meditation. Before I start sessions with my clients I will usually do a progressive relaxation, chakra meditation, and guided visualizations that help me to enhance my session. Finally, in the evening before bed I will do a guided visualization focusing on the law of attraction or a shamanic journey to learn something new.

Meditation keeps me calm, centered, grounded, and down to earth. It helps me to relax and helps me to release stress that I pick up on a constant bases with the type of work I do.

As for my clients and students, I have seen people with high anxiety or deep depressions do a complete turnaround. I have also seen people with pain find some relief. I've seen people with little to no focus in life take life from a point of feeling like they are worthless and a failure to being popular and successful. Meditation and its cousin hypnosis can have so many different positive effects on people; they just have to be willing to work with it and make it a habit as opposed to thinking it is a one-time cure all.

4. What is your Life Improvement Toolbox? My Life Improvement Toolbox isn't really my Life Improvement Toolbox. It's the people who are reading's toolbox.

Essentially the Life Improvement Toolbox is a type of "secret society," if you will. Think of it as a membership area where people who want to learn more about various new age, self-help, and success topics can find "tools" to do just that.

It's a place where a collection of E-Books, Guided Meditations, Subliminal Sessions, Hypnotherapy Sessions, and Videos are hosted. Members pay a one-time fee to have access to all of this and all future updates (which happens about once a month). It's even backed by a 60 day money back guarantee.

Despite there being a members area, the fee a person pays to get access is a one-time fee. So there are no recurring fees or dues. Once you're in, you're in. You are entitled to free updates and all the materials in the toolbox as long as you choose to do so.

It's getting a new design and remake soon and the price of it is about to jump due to its success. So now is the time for people to get on board before those changes go into effect.

The redesign is going to include a forum for members to communicate with each other and better organization of the materials.

Right now topics inside include tarot, psychic protection, numerology, meditation, law of attraction based learning, and much more.

5. How do you find that developing audio and video content is similar to and different from writing books?

When I write books I typically am channeling them. In other words, I set them and just let the information flow. I let editors take the content and arrange it. I usually just try to get the information out on paper though. When I do video and audio content, the result is similar, just a different forum. It's all about providing to people something useful that they can use to either learn something fun and fascinating or something to improve their life in some way.

For those who are reading that want to know how to develop your own products, it starts with an idea and the belief that the idea can be successful no matter what anyone else may tell you or what you may hear anywhere. Without that foundation, I will tell you things will eventually fall apart. With that idea and thought process, however, you will discover exactly what you need to do and talk to exactly who you need to talk to in order to move your projects forward. This, my friends, is the law of attraction at its best. You don't have to know the how-to; you just have to have an idea that you can follow and believe passionately in. Let the Universe (also called God, God force energy, the Divine Goddess, and so many other names) help you find the how to.

I look forward to seeing and hearing from some of you in the near future.

Blessings to all,
John Culbertson

Thanks, John!

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