Sunday, June 30, 2013

More Biodegradable Goodness from Global 1 Packaging

In my previous post about biodegradable and compostable bags for dog waste, I was interested to learn about some environmentally friendly options from a Canadian company to help pet owners reduce their impact on landfills. Now I've learned about another Canadian company producing biodegradable bags for a different market: printed poly bags for a variety of business needs.

These bags are made near Toronto, and there are designs for a range of purposes, such as garment bags, garbage bags, and custom-printed bags for both retail sales and shipping. I've noticed that customers like biodegradable bags so much that they will often reuse them, which is an extra bonus for the business owners who have their business names printed on the bags as this results in lots of free advertising as people carry the bags around town.

Global 1 Packaging has a nice array of customizable shopping bags and other reusable bags that make excellent giveaways, too. With many cities enacting plastic bag bans, who doesn't like a free shopping bag? If I were a retailer, I'd definitely give the idea some thought!

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