Sunday, June 30, 2013


Sometimes I think about landfills and certain things that surely account for a lot of the trash that adds up, and bags of pet waste always come to mind. In search of a solution, a Canadian company founded by animal lovers began selling two types of dog poop bags, some which are biodegradable and some which are compostable.

Their affordable bags are made in Canada while other competing products on the market are made in China, and they promise that the bags are sturdy enough that you don't have to be "afraid your hand might rip through."

They also sell compostable kitchen bags, and I'm curious to try their products because in my previous attempts at buying compostable bags, the bags were too thin to withstand the contents (not that I think I had a bunch of heavy kitchen waste, but the bags thought so!).

One other note: the bags are dark in color, so you and your dog can feel discreet about what you're carrying around on your walk!

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