Sunday, June 30, 2013

Meet Adam of Epic Wildlife on YouTube

Adam's YouTube channel, Epic Wildlife, is dedicated to talking about new animal species and wildlife stories that he personally enjoys. He is amazed by giant human-eating snakes roaming the wild and man-hungry sharks patrolling the ocean depths. He loves everything from huge spiders, mean crocodiles, hungry alligators, beautiful snakes, strange sea creatures, mysterious monsters, bigfoot sightings, endangered animal species, shark attacks, unique fish, and bizarre alien discoveries.

You can also keep up with Adam on Facebook. Below is the trailer for his YouTube channel.

1. When did you first become interested in stories about animals?

Growing up my family owned a lake house in South Texas in which I would spend a lot of my summers there. I enjoyed fishing, hunting, and exploring the uninhabited wilderness as there was always that sense of danger from the unknown. When I was 15, I was bitten by a rattlesnake and almost died, since then I've been fascinated by deadly animals, and I enjoy spending my time learning all about the different species that we share our planet with.

2. Where do you find the amazing footage you share on your YouTube channel?

I frequently visit a number of different wildlife blogs, new sites, and other related nature forums that share the same interests as myself, but lately I have to credit a lot of my ideas to my viewers who routinely send me messages on my Facebook page suggesting new animal species and wildlife tales that they also enjoy.

3. Why do you think people have a particular interest in stories about dangerous and/or mysterious animals?

I think people enjoy animals in one form or another. Nature can be scary as well as incredibly beautiful. There is still a large amount of our planet that is left to be discovered and so much wildlife to learn about.

4. Where do stories about aliens fit in with your interest in animals?

Stories of aliens are always coming up in the news, and myths surrounding these findings are just urban legends as to this date there hasn't been any concrete proof of their existence. Aliens find their way into wildlife as many times "so called aliens" are just rare animal species that most people do not know about.

5. What do you think are some factors that make a YouTube channel interesting and popular?

Having a genuine interest for the content you create plays a major role in vibe of a channel. In addition, YouTube, unlike television, has a great social platform that lets you connect with people of similar interests. It's important to address your audience by replying to comments and going a step further by sharing your passion beyond the video.

Thanks, Adam!

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