Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Two Wedding Books by Wedding DJ Bill Cox

How many wedding books are written by someone who has worked over 2,500 weddings? Have you ever read a wedding book written by a wedding DJ?

Bill Cox is a Houston-based wedding DJ, as well as a writer and actor. With co-author Janie Franz, he's written the Ultimate Wedding Reception Book and the Ultimate Wedding Ceremony Book.

So many people listen to their cousin Sissy's advice (because she's been married 6+ times), but they ignore the professionals. Bill and Janie have packed every tip, trick, and trade secret they could into these two books, which have become consumer favorites when it comes to learning more about weddings and what to expect on the special day. As anyone who has attended a wedding knows, these events often leave you with stories to tell, and Bill has accumulated a great collection of stories in his many years of working as a DJ, MC, and host at numerous weddings.

The two books provide a comprehensive resource for people who are planning a wedding and want to get both the reception and ceremony spot-on and perfect.

"This is one of the must-have books for anyone planning a wedding ceremony. Many brides might feel that they know what they are doing or have sisters, aunts, friends that swear they know everything; I was one of those brides before I read this book,” said C. Forrester, an Amazon Verified Reviewer.

Find both the Ultimate Wedding Reception Book and the Ultimate Wedding Ceremony Book on Amazon Kindle.

And learn more about Bill's first-hand experiences, as well as details about both books, by visiting

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