Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Meet Christopher Golden, Psychic

Psychic Christopher Golden is based in Beverly Hills, California. He is available for psychic consultations by phone, and you can find him online at

1. and 2. I like the idea on your website of your role in helping to "unlock that which is unseen in the past, present and future." Why do you think people are often unaware of influences from their past and present, and how does this impact their ability to consider their future?

Time exists in the mind. The human organism survives by constantly considering the past, present, and future. However, much of this consideration is based on basic survival. People tend not to reflect deeply much, unless they are in a crisis state.

Many of my clients come to me when they are in a state of crisis. They have already racked their brains, trying to understand the past and figure out the future. They have already considered the insight and advice of friends, coworkers and family. Or, they are carrying something around which they feel they cannot talk to anyone about, except for me.

Being born with a natural Clairvoyant ability, I tend to see the past, present, and future as being all a part of the same landscape. Time exists in the mind. I do not feel that time exists anywhere else. Time is a circle and not a line. There is no beginning, and there is no end. However, such an abstract concept is generally unacceptable to our minds, which are based in time.

We need meaning and we create meaning. We are meaning-making machines. We look at situations and we want to know what the point is. Such is the nature of the mind.

However, fortunately we are not only the activity of our minds. We are not our thoughts. We are affected by our thoughts, but we are not our thoughts. Thoughts pass through us. Thoughts are like clouds, changing their forms, appearing and disappearing, but we are like the sky itself--unchanging.

Most human beings, however, believe the story they are in. It all seems so real. I see both the reality and the unreality of it all. And although I don't see all of the future, all of the time, I do see glimpses of it--more than most perhaps. And so when someone asks me a question about their future, the answer is often presented to me, in the mind's eye, in a very natural way. And as it turns out, after doing this for over 20 years, my psychic predictions turn out to be accurate more times than not.

I find that very often, when I tell a client during a psychic reading what their future is, they often tell me that this confirms what they were already feeling intuitively. But it helps to have someone confirm it. Other times what is revealed is something of a huge shock. And this is the part of my work I enjoy the best. Because when you know your future, often times you then have the ability to change the future.

And this is something of a guiding philosophy for the work that I do as a psychic. To know your future is to change your future. And so much of our future is the product of our habits. Our thoughts tend to become habitual, and thus our actions and our words tend to also follow certain habits. Once a person is presented with news of where that habit pattern is leading them, they not only make different choices, but very often they change their character. Your character is your destiny. And this reshaping, reinventing of oneself is the work which I most look forward to with my clients.

I have seen miraculous changes in people, as the result of psychic revelations followed by a decision to reflect inwardly and to change one's character.

Some people use psychic readings because they just got paid and it's fun. And I'm fine with that. But the clients which keep coming back to me, over the years, tend to be interested in their spiritual evolution. They have taken a look at where their lives are and have found the courage to ask if they can do better, think bigger, expect more.

3. What are the similarities and differences between reading for someone in person and conducting a session via email or phone?

I very rarely see people in person anymore. The information age has allowed me a certain anonymity. I like that I can go to the store and not be recognized and not be asked for psychic advice during my off time. So nearly all of my psychic readings and spiritual counseling sessions are done by phone. And I find that my accuracy is about the same.

In fact, if anything I'd say that I am likely to be more accurate if I do not meet someone in person. How a person presents themselves in the material world elicits biases. And if we meet by phone, I am more likely to be clear.

Email is hit or miss. Generally I'm not as clear by email. That said, some of my most accurate readings have been conducted this way. I have had people send me one question by email and I end up writing a very long response, only to be told later that everything was spot on.

Believe it or not, how psychic awareness works is mostly a mystery to me. And I've been studying the science of consciousness for nearly as long as I've been providing psychic readings. I understand much of it and can explain a lot of how it works. But for the most part, it's a mystery. If you ask me a question, for example, one moment I have no idea what the answer is, and a moment later it hits me and I speak it and find out that I was dead on. It is really very strange.

4. In addition to consulting a psychic, what are some suggestions you make for people who are wanting to create change in their lives?

I feel that there are numerous valid paths toward expanding one's awareness. Seeing a qualified psychic is just one of them. I am a big fan of yoga, for opening up the mind, body, and spirit. Yoga connects these parts of a person to integrate the whole person.

I find that talk therapy is largely over-rated. The focus tends to be problem-oriented and the outcome is generally, at best, some form of behavior modification. I feel this approach fails to scratch that deeper itch, to know who we are, why we are here, and what our higher purpose is.

Prayer and meditation can also provide much in the way of clarity. Books such as the Tao Te Ching provide much in the way of deeper reflection, for those who are ready to embark on such a journey.

But for me personally, meditation is the most important. I meditate at least twice a day. It grounds me. It allows me to feel what my clients are feeling, without being captured by those feelings. I use meditation as part of my work and I often recommend it to my clients--many of whom have had tremendous success using meditation to reduce anxiety or depression.

5. For someone who has never consulted a psychic before, what would you suggest that a person do to prepare for a first session--and then to follow-up/reflect after the session?

Be skeptical. Sadly I must say that more than half of the people in my profession are total con artists. Be wary of anyone who is simply telling you what you want to hear about yourself. Keep an open mind, but a guarded heart. Trust only the psychic who has earned your trust.

That said, once you feel that you are working with a true and gifted intuitive adviser, consider your life the way you would like for it to be. And then ask questions based on your desire to navigate from the present to where you would like to find yourself. If you have found a good psychic, you have a real opportunity to get rid of obstacles, become free of old patterns and beliefs which no longer serve you. You are inventing yourself. We are all the product of our own invention. And if you are working with a truly gifted psychic, take that opportunity to shape yourself into who you want to be.

A good psychic adviser really has one objective--and that is to help you to become the best version of yourself that you can be. And this is not a selfish desire for you to have. By becoming the best version of yourself you can be, you make your contribution the world and to those whom you love the most.

A psychic reading is an opportunity to rewrite the story of your life. By knowing what happens, several chapters ahead, you can make changes now to bring about better outcomes for yourself and for those whom you care most about.

To know your future is to change your future. And we are indeed characters of our own invention. To wake up to the reality of who and what you are, what your purpose is, is to live your life as a work of art. There really is no need to just get through life, to survive it. We can enjoy the highs and the lows and everything in between, when we learn how to live creatively, when we "snap out of it." And I feel that a master spiritual adviser can be someone who can help you to awaken to your highest destiny. Simply put, a psychic reading is an editing session for the story of your life. And if you don't like the way the story has been panning out, you can change it.

Thanks, Christopher!


  1. I recently had a phone reading with Christopher and the vibration was wonderful. We were in sink almost immediately. I had a wonderful experience with him and if you are worried that doing a reading over the phone and not in person may affect your reading do not be fooled. I am sure my reading would have been the same had we met in person.

    1. I totally agree with you Alexis. Chris was so professional and caring with my recent relationship problems. I too was a bit skeptical before calling but I am so glad I did.

  2. This blog article was a tremendous help...especially point #5. I was able to better prepare myself before I had my reading done with Christopher by the way which was fabulous! For my first reading he made it very comfortable for me as I was a bit nervous. It was mindblowing some of the small things he picked up on right away. Overall Amazing experience...I highly recommend Christopher Golden

  3. Same here...after getting some really solid advice from Christopher Golden on Yoga I decided to give it a try. Now this was not the easiest thing being a guy. but wow has it really helped to clear my head.
    Check out Christopher's Facebook page that has lots of links to great articles...

  4. I had a great experience with Psychic Christopher Golden, so I decided to Google him a bit to learn more about him. That brought me to this blog post.
    If you are thinking of seeing a psychic, I would highly recommend Chris. I was going through a difficult breakup and wanted my ex back. I followed his instructions exactly, and my ex did end up calling me wanting to get back together. We are still together now and are happier than ever.
    Following his advice made me a better person, and I believe the law of attraction was at work.

  5. I had a great experience with Psychic Christopher Golden, and I decided to Google him to find out more about him and what others were saying about him. That's how I came across this post.
    From my experience, I would highly recommend Chris. I was going through a difficult breakup and was really in a bad state. I wanted my ex back, and went to Chris for help.
    I followed his instructions exactly, and soon after I received a call from my ex asking to meet me. Needless to say, we are back together and happier than ever.
    I feel like following Chris' advice made me a better person, and the law of attraction was at play, which helped attract my ex back to me.

  6. I had a fantastic experience with Christopher Golden too! I was not sure if I should stay with my boyfriend, or leave him for another guy from my yoga studio that had been pursuing me.
    It was a difficult decision, as it is always difficult to leave one's comfort zone.
    I turned to Chris for help and advice, and I could tell right away that he intuitively knew a lot about me without me even saying much.
    He advised me to leave my boyfriend and date the guy from yoga.
    This was excellent advice, as I am much happier in my new relationship than I was before, and feel myself falling in love with the new guy! I realize now that I really was not in love with my ex, and I was only staying with him out of comfort.

  7. Christopher's readings are not for entertainment purposes he is a true person with spiritual insight. I have seen alot of people refer to Psychic's as a form of entertainment. Chris has a true gift, one that can not be taken lightly. One short 15 minute reading will confirm this for you. Give him a try you stand to gain some great insight.

  8. So funny I came across this article...i had my first reading with Chris last week. He revealed some things to me that I had been surpressing for some time. He gave me clear tactics to follow and I now have a great system to follow. I ant wait for my next encounter with Chris in 2 weeks!

  9. Very happy with Chris and his advice. I had a half hour session with him a month ago, and have been following his advice very closely. It has been working for me - I mainly wanted to know what I should do about my ex trying to get back together with me. Right now I have him exactly where I want him to be and I am in control, and it is great. It was great talking to Chris and I was amazed at how much he could tell me about myself.

  10. If you want accurate, honest answers to your most pressing questions, you've come to the right place! Chris is the most accurate and honest Psychic Reader I have had the pleasure to deal with. I have been acquainted with Chris now for many years, and no other Psychic has ever come close to comparing.

  11. Came across this article last Tuesday and was able to book my first reading with Christopher on Friday last week. Wow! I see why now so many of you have left these great comments. He was honest and sincere with me the entire reading. He knew exactly what I was going through and what the out come come would be. He nailed so many details that only a true psychic would know. Cannot wait for these predictions to come to fruition. Thanks everyone and thanks Christopher

  12. I spoke to Chris on the phone yesterday, and he informed me that someone has been trying to ruin his reputation online lately. I offered to post about my positive experiences with him right away -- he's not paying me to, I just want to help him out.

    The first time I spoke on the phone with Chris was about 6 months ago, in July 2013. Since then, we have had monthly calls around the second week of every month.

    I talk to Chris about whatever areas of my life I need help - mostly it is in the areas of career decisions and relationships.

    The first time I called him, my girlfriend was on the verge of breaking up with me. We were still together, but it wasn't going well and I felt like I was going to lose her. Within two months, our relationship totally turned around and we saw a drastic improvement. We are now really happy together and I feel like we will be together long term.

    Once my relationship was on a steady and more stable path, I took some time to work with Chris on making some important career choices. I took a new position at my firm that plays better to my strengths, and I am much happier and performing much better. My manager is very happy with my work and has already told me that he can see me going into management eventually.

    I definitely will keep up my monthly sessions with Chris. He is trustworthy and I feel like he has really helped steer me in the right direction.

  13. I had a 30 minute psychic reading session with Christopher Golden on October 14th. I was looking for career and relationship advice.

    For my career, he advised me to take the new job that I was not sure about taking, and to leave my old job. Christopher suggested what salary I should negotiate for my new job. I thought it was high, but I tried anyway, and I got it.

    In the love area, I wasn't sure whether I should get back with my ex, or continue with a new guy I was dating. Chris told me my ex was a lost cause, and told me to stick with my current suitor. I took this advice as well, and everything with the new guy has been going really well.

  14. I saw someone bashing Chris on another site (I think it was a competitor trying to ruin his business), so out of loyalty to Chris I am coming on here to chip in.
    I have been having consultations with Chris for a few months, and have spoken to him three times on the phone (30 minutes each time).
    Every time we talk I learn something new and am elevated to a new level in my thinking.
    I have mainly been asking Chris for career advice, and how to get a promotion. I have been following his advice exactly, and I have a feeling a promotion is right around the corner, as some of the signs are already there at work.

  15. I am pretty new to the world of psychics, and was skeptical at first, but I didn't know where else to turn when I was having relationship problems.
    I got in touch with Christopher Golden, and after a great initial consultation, I went back to him for a follow-up and some more in depth work.
    The results so far have been fantastic - already after a short period of time my relationship with my boyfriend has improved dramatically.

  16. For any of you debating on whether or not to use Chris Golden as your spiritual guide procrastinate no longer. Recently I had a reading with Chris and he explained how I would bump into my ex at a restaurant and that the flame would be rekindled. I was skeptical as it ended with him on a bad note. Well Chris was so right we bumped into each other last week and now we cannot be happier. Thank you Chris.

  17. I must truly say speaking with Christopher Golden is a blessing this man has so much patience and he is very kind he doesn't judge you he listens and he is very honest with you he won't tell you what you wanna hear but he will be straight forward with you. He showed me that there are genuine authentic psychics 😀 if you want the truth and clarity on a situation Mr.Golden is the real deal 😃

  18. I must truly say speaking with Christopher Golden is a blessing this man has so much patience and he is very kind he doesn't judge you he listens and he is very honest with you he won't tell you what you wanna hear but he will be straight forward with you. He showed me that there are genuine authentic psychics 😀 if you want the truth and clarity on a situation Mr.Golden is the real deal 😃

  19. I am impressed with Chris so far. I had one 30 minute phone call with him, and he gave me some homework that I have been diligently working on.
    I felt good after talking to him, and I feel like my situation is improving already. I have another call with him in less than a week, and I can't wait.

  20. Love this article, great post, great interview. I have spoken to Chris once on the phone already, and that was a great experience. After reading this interview, I am excited to talk to him again. I am going to book another appointment right now.

  21. Great article about my favorite psychic! Cool to see he is getting a lot of positive attention - he's done amazing work for me, so it is well deserved!

  22. Nice interview. Psychic Christopher Golden is my psychic and it turns out he is the real deal. Talking to him gave me goosebumps, and reading this gave me goosebumps all over again!

  23. Extremely well-written article about my Psychic. It will help anyone to meet with him for a great consultation. After my first meetup, my life changed. I would love to recommend him, as he is good listener and impressive personality. Also I'm so happy for the best Psychic award, he recently achieved.

  24. After getting an appointment, I went to him for a meeting. I passed a great time with him, I got some relief to share my problems and he was so friendly with me. Listened to my problems and gave me some worthy suggestions which worked so good. I will love to meet with him again...

  25. After much research I finally found this interview and had a reading with Psychic Christopher Golden. I feel that he is my spiritual adviser now, on all matters. He penetrates my mind and my heart.

  26. It's a very cool interview. Thanks for giving me the chance to "meet Psychic Christopher Golden". Good stuff.

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  28. Chris sent us all this like a year ago and said if you have testimonials to post them here. Well I was not ready yet. Stopping my divorce took a long time. But today my divorce is officially off the table and my marriage is back on. I must confess that for months I was losing hope. But I went with my gut and it paid off. Thank you Psychic Chris Golden for all you do. Glad I had faith in you.

  29. What a great interview! This helped me decide to go with Psychic Christopher Golden and I'm glad I did my homework on this. He's great. I really found an expert who was able to understand my situation and help me to resolve a problem in my relationship that had been troubling me for some time. I would also recommend anyone to go to Psychic Christopher Golden if matters of the heart have become a mess in your life. He sure straightened me out. Again, great article!