Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Meet Laura Rude, Author and Hypnotherapist

Laura Rude is an author, a Washington State certified hypnotherapist, and the founder of the website, a resource for new mothers and their families who find themselves dealing with postpartum depression.

Because of the immense number of women who struggle with the disorder and the devastating effect it has on new mothers and their families, Laura began researching the topic and bringing together information and creating a place to share stories and resources. Laura has worked with a vast number of clients in her hypnotherapy practice and witnessed how a natural and utterly side-effect-free therapy like hypnosis can benefit those suffering with various afflictions of both body and mind.

Laura is an avid student of the subconscious mind and has researched natural methods for dealing with depression, stress, and anxiety. She discovered that many new moms preferred a natural, drug-free approach to treating their postpartum depression but found little available to them. Through her extensive research, she has written a book called Creating Postpartum Wellness and created an easy-to-follow six-week program, implementing natural and holistic methods for combating this disorder. Her book is available on Amazon in paperback and for the Kindle.

Laura is married with one son and lives near Seattle, Washington.

1. When did you start your Postpartum Living website, and what has the response from readers/visitors been?

I began in May of 2011. The response from my visitors has been great. I began the site because I found a genuine lack of information and resources for women who wanted to implement natural remedies for overcoming their postpartum depression and anxiety. The moms who visit my site really appreciate it.

2. What particular insights have you gained into postpartum depression through your work as a hypnotherapist?

My work as a hypnotherapist is interesting and so rewarding. I work with many people struggling with depression, anxiety, fears, and insomnia, to name a few common issues. This has led me to understanding more about these issues and how using hypnotherapy and natural treatments can alleviate them. Many postpartum moms are affected by these issues.

3. What motivated you to write your book, Creating Postpartum Wellness?

I wanted to make all the research I had done and the information I had studied available to the moms who needed it and could benefit from it, so I decided to write a book of natural treatments and create a simple and easy-to-implement program.

4. In writing the book, how did you combine your perspectives as a mom yourself and as a clinician? Once you're a mom, you have a great perspective on many of these issues. Having experienced depression myself also allowed me to really empathize and understand on a personal level some of the feelings of despair and shame, as well as the stigma associated with depression. As a hypnotherapist, I was able to explain hypnosis and its effectiveness, and dispel some of the common misconceptions about it.

5. I'm thinking that natural treatments for depression must be especially important for breastfeeding moms, and I'm curious to know more: what are some of the benefits of natural treatment methods?

Yes, breastfeeding moms find natural treatments for depression valuable for sure--rather than taking pharmaceuticals. In addition to that, almost all of these natural treatment steps in the book can be followed in the privacy of a mom's home. I have found that many moms don't want to share their pain or shame with others--they just want it to end! This is a great choice for those women, as well as those who prefer a natural route to healing.

Thanks, Laura!

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