Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Cake Walk: Guest Post from

Below is a guest post from, an online retailer specializing in luxurious wedding dresses at affordable prices.


Do you enjoy flipping through the pages of Vogue or waiting in great anticipation of seeing your favorite designers share their collections at Fashion Week? Do you wish you could take your favorite runway looks and incorporate them into your wedding? Fashionistas take note: you can have a runway-worthy wedding regardless of your budget. Incorporating high fashion into your wedding does not have to be limited to your dress, nor does it require deep pockets. All you need is runway inspiration.

Recently, many wedding magazines and wedding blogs have focused on showcasing fabulous tablescapes that illustrate design, personality. and trends. We love a great tablescape, but that isn't the only design element in a wedding. The cake, florals, and stationery are also great platforms you can use to express yourself.

Megan Gray (of Ghost Academy and Honey and Poppies) and Erica O'Brien (of Erica O'Brien Cake Design) share a love of Oscar de la Renta's bold, colorful, and detail-oriented fashion. Together they wanted to translate de la Renta's fashion into a collection of wedding cakes (much like a designer has a collection of clothing) that incorporated florals also influenced by the designer.

Megan and Erica turned directly to Oscar de la Renta's 2010 collections for inspiration and pulled together thirty photos that they liked. From there, they narrowed the number of photos down to a group of ten that they really loved.

Erica used the prints, textures and architecture of the outfits from de la Renta's 2010 collections as the inspiration for each cake. Megan wanted to incorporate flowers into the cake as well, but did not want to bombard the cake with florals. Instead, she decided to create cake stands made out of fresh flowers so that the cakes would remain entirely edible.

Monica Majors of Papercut industries designed the wedding stationery, also drawing upon the colors and intricate details of the collection.

The final design element that Megan wanted to focus on was the bridal party dress. She sought dresses that looked expensive and fashionable, but were very affordable. The black lace dress she picked out was similar to one of do la Rental show stopping floor-length black lace dresses in his current couture line.

Megan and Erica's runway-inspired collection of cakes, florals, and stationery prove that high fashion is accessible to everyone if they just get a little creative.

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