Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Meet Lyndol Keith Woodruff, Chief Connection Officer with EyeLevel Entertainment

Lyndol Keith Woodruff is an actor, comedian, and entertainment entrepreneur. Originally from Dallas, he moved to Hollywood in 2003. He is a skilled communicator and networker--and a student of personal growth who has a vision of putting the heart back into entertainment, which he calls his "Mission with NO Intermission!"

Lyndol is currently working to raise money to produce an online TV show with positive content. EyeLevelTV will bring new music artists to the world as well as top motivational experts and business owners with amazing success stories. For more about EyeLevelTV, check out their campaign on Indiegogo.

1. How would you describe your role as Chief Connection Officer with EyeLevel Entertainment?

I love this role! It is simple and fun. My job is to connect with people. Find out what is important to them, what moves them, what excites them. It is important for me to understand other people's desires and vision so I can figure out a way to connect it to what we are doing if it makes sense, that simultaneously moves our vision and their vision forward effectively, collaboratively.

2. In your career, how have you combined entertainment with entrepreneurship?

At the heart of being an entertainer, I am here to connect people to inspiration, new ideas, concepts... and I realize more and more that it's almost the exact same thing that I do as an entrepreneur. I connect people to opportunities, to possibilites, so I find it intriguing that being an entrepreneur and an entertainer, these things go hand in hand. They both rise out of my desire to connect with people and have fun!

3. What drew you toward working on an online TV show?

Awesome how this happened. I was representing Hunter as a singer/songwriter and brought Kent Jacobs to the house to see him perform a single we were working on. Little did I know, Kent had just partnered with YouTube and Machinima and he told Hunter and I we should have our own webseries on his new network, NOW TV Live. We had all kinds of ideas, so Kent urged us to start our own network focusing on transformation, so we partnered with him, and here we are.

4. How have you utilized your experience with networking to find collaborators for Eye Level TV?

My brain has this special function of taking a look at what people naturally do well, and figuring out how to implement their skills and resources into what I am doing to help us both move forward. I have a unique way of understanding two visions and how to connect them.

5. What does it mean to you to bring a sense of heart and mission to entertainment?

Bringing a sense of heart and mission to entertainment is to own your greatness, own who you are, authentically... 100%, caring for others, cooperate, collaborate for the greater good. Empowering people, by highlighting how powerful our choices are.

Thanks, Lyndol!

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