Thursday, January 31, 2013

Leap, Live, Learn: A Blog on Personal Growth

I recently happened upon leap, live, learn, an interesting site by a blogger from Australia named Kate. She writes about the different things she's been doing and learning as she focuses on making small yet significant changes in her life. When I asked her about the purpose of her blog, she said, "It is a project of sorts to help myself live as healthy, simply, and freely as I can."

I found useful posts on healthy eating and fitness. Kate has an engaging style where she combines her own experience with links and information from other sources. Recent posts include an easy recipe for coconut mango popsicles. Kate writes about giving up sugar, and she makes it sound delicious with her guidelines for baking a chocolate cheesecake without sugar.

In particular, I like a post from November of 2012 when she discusses her longtime love of Diet Coke, or in her words, "a story... about a girl and a bad relationship."

I can recommend Kate's blog to other readers like myself who find inspiration in other people sharing their own stories of making efforts toward personal wellness through everyday choices.

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  1. My mother and grandmother are addicted to diet coke. I think I'll pass Kate's blog along to them as well. Thanks for sharing.