Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Meet Hunter Wade, Chief Inspiration Officer with EyeLevel Entertainment

Hunter Wade is a musician, speaker, writer, and actor on a mission of inspiring the world to a higher potential. He has formally studied Music Therapy as well as Sound Engineering, been featured on ABC's Lost, played Judas in Jesus Christ Superstar, and released two independent albums.

Hunter is currently working to raise money to produce an online TV show with positive content. EyeLevelTV will bring new music artists to the world as well as top motivational experts and business owners with amazing success stories. For more about EyeLevelTV, check out their campaign on Indiegogo.

1. How would you describe your role as Chief Inspiration Officer with EyeLevel Entertainment?

As the Chief Inspiration Officer, it's my job to hold the subjective vision. I am forever keeping my sights on the BIG WHY behind all we are doing and inspiring others back to that regularly. It is also my duty to stay fresh, keep current, and to continue to challenge myself to grow personally as well as professionally. I stand as an example of what is possible when we choose to believe!

2. What are some qualities you're looking for in choosing artists to feature on your online TV show?

When I am scouting talent, the first thing I notice is rather subtle to most people. I am getting a sense of a person's "come from" or their underlying intention. I am less interested in the packaging or look than I am in the heart of the artist. Transparency, authenticity, confidence, and creativity come together in an intriguing way to create something tangible--yet, I am more interested in the subtle energy I feel in a person's presence. You could say, I like to feel their "vibe" but that's fairly hokey. ;)

3. When did you first start thinking about starting an online TV show, and could you talk a little bit about your process of bringing this idea to fruition?

I actually decided to launch a network that focuses on responsible media long before I ever imagined any specific show concepts. The idea initially emerged when I was 18 and really solidified in conversation with my best friend Jason when he and I had an auto-glass company in AZ about 14 years ago. My path from AZ to launching this network certainly wasn't direct. Without going into too much detail, I'd say the process of bringing this to fruition has involved a LOT of surrender, an immense amount of persistence, and an intense willingness to be uncomfortable!

4. Why did you decide to reach out for funding through Indiegogo, and what are some other opportunities you see for other people to collaborate with you on this project?

I decided to use the Indiegogo campaign platform as a way of reaching a larger audience with our mission. This is totally about YOU! So I wanted to attract people who share the "Giver's Gain" philosophy and give them a platform to share their message with the world. There are so many opportunities to get involved with us. We work with a "Find a Need and Fill it" philosophy. So basically:

Get out there and make a difference with your talents.
Share about EyeLevel and KNOW that you are an important leader of this movement.
Employ the philosophy, "It's easier to ask forgiveness than to ask permission!"

When we see you taking the ball and running with it, we are likely to offer you a formal position with the company. In fact, two others have jumped in, found a gap in what we are doing, and filled it in with their skills--and now they hold equity in our company. That's Giver's Gain philosophy in action!

5. What are some of your personal goals in terms of expressing your own sense of purpose through music, performance, and other forms of art?

I want to be in musicals, sing at Red Rocks and the Hollywood Bowl, get a Grammy or 5, be the voice of a cartoon character, and remake Mary Poppins as Burt the Chimney Sweep. I want to share and be known for developing a new vocal style that incorporates chanting--I have been perfecting this style for 15 years. People who have heard it become entranced and freak out a little because it is very powerful and unlike anything we are accustomed to hearing. I believe with all of my heart that I have been given a very powerful gift that can be used for global transformation, so my deepest aspiration is to listen with an open mind and heart for the call of inspiration to lead me into the highest and best use of these gifts. I am ridiculously grateful to be living this adventure in this time with all of you!

Thanks, Hunter!


  1. This is an awesome company! Hunter and his partner, Lyndol, are modern day heroes. They are connecting the world in such a powerful and profound way!

    1. Thanks Sabrina! We are grateful that you are owning your leadership and showing us all whats possible when we acknowledge that we are connected!