Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Meet Dennis Young, Artist

Dennis Young is a musician, a visual artist, and the author of a new e-book for children called Go Figure, which is available for download for Amazon Kindle.

1. How does your background as a musician influence your work as a visual artist?

Being a creative musician is an extension of my artwork, so it helps because I never feel restricted in what type of visual art I create. Also, my artwork is always spontaneous, so the paintings are always different and done at the moment.

2. What made you decide to write/draw a book for kids?

I did a number of stick drawings a few years back and never looked at them until recently. After reviewing them, I said to myself, maybe I can do a kids' book with some of these, and I did with Go Figure.

3. What can you do in an e-book for kids that expands on the possibilities of a print book?

For a print book I think you really need words with a good storyline to go along with your artwork. I don't believe Go Figure would work as well in print form. I am, though, working on a coloring book that I hope to one day to be released in print form or as possibly an app.

4. What were the challenges in creating a book that allows children to construct many different stories?

The challenge in a picture book is to create unique, interesting artwork that a child will keep coming back to so he or she imagines something different each time. I believe it worked with Go Figure.

5. How did you choose your stick-figure style for the book, and how is the art in the book similar and different from your larger body of work as a visual artist?

I created a number of stick figure drawings and the most unique drawings that fit together I picked for the book. My book is similar to my art because it is created the same way as a I paint--very spontaneously.

Thanks, Dennis!

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