Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Meet Jason Wickens, Photographer and Owner of Fotoviva

Jason Wickens is a member of the Fotoviva Art Prints photography team and owner of the online gallery. Offering a unique range of award-winning photographic art, Fotoviva are one of the UK's leading suppliers of wall art, selling photographic art printed as either canvas prints, acrylic prints or poster prints. Fotoviva has been operating since 2006 and offers over 700 images, created by a team of photographers; visitors can also create prints from their own original photos.

1. Could you talk about the different options for prints that you offer through fotoviva and the unique features of each option?

Every one of our art prints can be purchased from the online gallery in a wide range of options which means when you have chosen your favourite picture, you can be sure the final print will match your interior design. We can print the images on canvas, acrylic, or poster. We find most people like the canvas print option as they are ready to hang and in fashion right now. We can print the canvas as a gallery wrap which means the image is wrapped around the wooden frame. This gives a continuous feel to the print. The acrylics are becoming very popular too; the glossy look suits modern interior home designs, and people love the way the light makes the picture look like it has depth. Posters are ideal if you are working on a budget or have an existing frame you want to use. We also offer a range of standard sizes, so you can buy a wall print that suits the blank space in your room. Of course if you need a different size print, we can work out our best price, too. Often we have photographers looking for specific sizes for their clients.

2. What have you looked for when selecting photos over the years to build your catalog of 700+ images?

Our image collection has grown over the years, as has the number of photographers we use. When looking for new images, we only accept photographs which we feel will suit being printed as wall art. Customers tend to look for creative and artistic photo prints, rather than just snapshots of nice locations. The photographers we use always produce really nice images such as the seascapes, black and white work, and the creative modern art series.

We also only use images of the highest resolution which ensures we can print them as large canvas art without losing quality. Some of our canvases have been printed at over three metres, so we need to ensure the image will not look pixelated at large sizes. Our photographers use high-end DSLR cameras and good quality lenses--they are also well-versed in post-processing which means they produce files which are up to the high standard we require.

3. What tips would you offer for people (in terms of composition, photo size/quality, etc) who want to make prints from their own photos?

From our printing service we can transform your own digital photos into canvas or acrylic prints. As a rough guide, for best results you should be shooting at the camera's highest resolution setting. This not only allows us to print the picture bigger, but it also allows scope for any cropping you need. Images from phone cameras are not ideal for large prints as the camera sensors are not up to the job, but they do tend to be OK for the acrylic photo blocks or small canvases. Also, try to shoot in good light so the picture is clear and punchy. You can always send us your photo first, and we can check it out to see if it is suitable for printing from.

4. Your panoramic prints are striking. Do you find that people order these for their homes or businesses or both?

The panoramic canvas prints tend to be ordered for the home, but of course some do go to businesses who want to add some affordable art to their offices or receptions. When you see a panoramic print hanging on a wall it really does look great--I think it is the unusual aspect ratio which catches the eye. Also, the fact you can see so much more of a landscape scene means there is plenty of detail in the picture. Panoramic art is also ideal for wall spaces which don't have enough height for a standard wall print, such as above mantle-pieces or across landings. They do seem to sell particularly well, and some of the panoramic views we have in that collection really are a feast for the eyes!

5. What are your suggestions for people who want to affordably decorate their home and office spaces with unique photographic art?

Of course we have a great collection of photographic art and with prices starting from as little as £16, there is art that's affordable for anyone. However, a great tip for finding other affordable art is to explore the work of local photographers. You might see them displaying their work on stalls or in small local galleries, and by buying direct from the photographer, you can get some affordable art straight from the artist themselves.

Thanks, Jason!


  1. Nice find! Some really lovely artwork on that site. Might have to buy a few canvases for my birthday :)

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