Sunday, September 24, 2017

Meet Victor Wan of Kulör Cases

Kulör Cases is a luxury leather iPhone case maker. Their business is based in Sweden. Our interview today is with the company CEO, Victor Wan, who works alongside the Swedish designer Ingrid Andersson. Learn more by visiting

1. What inspired you to start Kulör Cases?

I previously worked in the IT and telecom industry for 14 years. All along I wanted to do something that could combine my interest in gadgets, my love for minimalist designs, and sense of achievement from helping my clients. And it all began in 2017 when I decided to start my own brand that makes luxury personalized leather iPhone cases alongside the Swedish designer Ingrid Andersson. We wanted to become a part of our customers’ special moments. This dream was fulfilled when our first customer of the company was an astronaut who ordered a phone case for himself as well as for his wife for the celebration of the birth of their twins.

2. What makes your cases unique?

Regarding materials, we wanted something classy but also something that would age well. Leather was the perfect option. Then came the issue of the design. Most leather cases are mono toned, all black, all brown, all blue, etc. We wanted a minimalist design that would not cover the beautiful iPhone but to complement it... This led to the decision of a multi-colored and colorful case design. Secondly, we didn't want the cases to be a source of branding for us because the cases should be about the users. Therefore we designed not to put our company logo on the case. Lastly, we decided for personalization so people could have their names, initials, or something special foil stamped on the phone case. Our phone cases represent our customers' true character and identity.

Because of the special multi-colored design, our craftsmen have to work on two different cowhide leathers, and that increases the complexity. But we are a luxury brand, and we won't do anything less than the best.

3. There are a lot of iPhone case makers. What makes you different from them in terms of craftsmenship?

Our iPhone cases are handcrafted. The products we make are all about the customers which is why we don't incorporate a company logo on our cases. What makes us different is that our utmost goal is to satisfy our customers. We pay close attention to minute details. For example, most leather cases are made by gluing leather sheets on top of plastic bases. The sides of the plastic are visible, which doesn't give a neat look. We keep that in mind and make sure the corners and sides are all covered in leather.

Our craftsmen spend three times the amount of time that it takes on one regular case. It is all because of our commitment to providing the best of the best.

4. Could you describe some of the options for people who want to customize their phone case?

Our customers could choose from a wide collection of colorful cases. We have 10 different color combinations for each of our iPhone 7, iPhone 8, iPhone 7 Plus, and iPhone 7 Plus collections. As for customization, we offer three different fonts namely Park Avenue, JosefinSans and Althea that could be embossed in gold, silver, or rose gold foil. To ensure quality craftsmanship, we use a traditional hand operated hot stamping machine to imprint the leather cases with initials, names, monogram, or something special.

We also have a live personalization tool on our website so that our customers could preview what they are customizing and order with confidence.

5. In your opinion, why is vegetable tanned top-grain leather the best material for a phone case?

First of all, vegetable tanned leather does not contain harmful chemicals (vs chromium and aldehyde tanning), and it ages perfectly and delivers a better look for your phone case through time. Second of all, top-grain leather is the most premium hide material. It is the surface of full-grain leather that has not been removed or heavily sanded, preserving the natural qualities of an authentic leather hide. Most cheaper cases in the market uses "split leather" or "genuine leather." They are made from the inner layers that are underneath the top-grain and are embossed with an artificial grain pattern.

You will never find split leather, bonded, or even imitation leathers products at Kulör Cases.

Thanks, Victor!

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